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Hey Everyone Abbey here with my very first question answer post, and my first ever post in Los Angeles. So it’s a lot of first today, I’ll really excited to finally be filming, I’ll sorry that there was a little bit of a gap in there between my posts. I basically pre-recorded a lot of stuff but. Because. I was really stressed out, and in their hurry while. I was doing all of it just didn’t come together well. And I really liked the concepts that. I filmed. So I didn’t want to waste them on a bad post. So I was kind of trying to get to a point where. I could refill them all here, and that has just taken. So much longer than. I expected it to. So all that said, I’ll sorry to have been gone. I do have at least one older post that. I liked already pre film that’s going to go up this week, and then. I think from then on. I should be seeing new stuff from me from my new place in LA. So finally that’s happening, and then the only other thing that’s new that. I have to tell you guys about is that. I am changing my schedule around a little bit to doing three posts a week instead of four. Because that’s just more doable for me. So, I’ll going to be coming to you on Sundays which is what you’re watching right now is my Sunday Fun day which is where. I can do anything. I want on Sundays usually it’s beauty or lifestyle related content, and then Wednesday. I do a hair tutorial whatever kind of tutorial. I feel like doing that day, and then Friday is going to be a hair related post of some kind, and my face tutorial or it might be something education based or like different tips, and tricks on how to wear a different hairstyle or maybe even a hairstyle oh look it can basically be anything that’s related to hair. So that’s all the housekeeping stuff. So all that. So let’s just go ahead, and get into some questions, I’ll adapting to your new home in LA um. I think pretty well. I love the LA of the weather is wonderful. I love the dry heat it’s. So much better. Because.

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I’ve been raised, and a hundred percent humidity. So being here. So much better. I can’t even tell you yeah, I’ll really. I think, I’ll adjusting pretty well slogans Ben Hardy get used to is the traffic. Because it takes. So much longer to do everything now. I mean. I signing up without what. I moved here. So it’s just you know getting used to it, and everything but overall. I really loved it. So far are you going to be telling us which salon you’ll be working in LA yes. I will be telling you. I just haven’t told you yet. Because, I’ll trying to get everything acclimated there. I want to go through a little bit of a cytokine slash training before. I start working on a chair just. Because, I’ll trying to adjust to the culture, and the trends in LA before. I have my own chair. I just think it’s going to be a little bit wiser but definitely only once. I start working on my own chair, and all that kind of stuff. And I can have clients come in, I’ll tell you guys where, I’ll working. So you can come in, and get your hair done by me if you want to. Because. I think that would be Super Duper fun. I always love talking with my clients, and just having that time with them. I feel. I could be. So much more fun if. I have like a subscriber of mine in my chairs. So it will eventually be a thing just not yet what if. I see you have for aspiring hairstylist. I could do an entire post on this. And I probably well one day but. I think those three things as a stylist that you need to never stop doing is you need to never stop learning you need to never stop creating, and never stop innovating, and as long as you keep doing all three of those things you’re going to be alright the thing is with hair styles it’s easy to get burnt out. Because what you don’t really realize about your sailing is that it is a customer service job, and all the things that like really wear people down in the customer service industry wear us down, and if you’re not really focused on the exciting, and the creative, and innovative side of it you can get burnt out, and tired, and lazy really very quickly. So always keep learning always keep building your repertoire of what you can do always create new things be working with it stuff that you’ve learned to create something, and always be innovating. Because that’s like the number one thing we have to do is hairstylist people come to us with a list of problems, and we have to fix all of them with one hairstyle, and it’s hard but if you’re always really working your brain on that you’re a lot better icing your size the day, and you’re really able to innovate great things. So focus on those three things you should be okay. I think would be any Disney character who would you want to be, and why.

I would be Rapunzel from tangled. And I think possibly part of that is. Because of the hair if you don’t actually know what you would do with that much hair but you know she has beautiful hair. So that’s a thing um this was really just like the first one to pop into my head when. I read the questions uh. I feel like. I could probably say Ariel or Mulan as well like. I like the really sassy princesses. I guess but. I like Rapunzel the best. Because. I think she’s just very positive, and she treats everyone equally, and kindly, and she also goes after what she wants, and she kind of kicks butt in her own way like. I feel like Milan was my second choice. Because she kind of became part of an army, and saved China which is huge but. I feel like if you put Rapunzel the same position she would have done the same thing. So that’s my justification. I just think she’s like more happy-go-lucky, and caring, and kind of Mulan was. So that’s why. I picked her. I put a lot of thought into that question what’s you, and your husband’s children plan alright this was asked more than anything else, and it’s it’s asked on like random posts like my hair tutorials people wanted to know about children and, I’ll like alright. I realized that, I’ll married, and you expect the next thing that happens up your marriage is babies. And I get that but you know we got married pretty young, and we kind of see it as we have a little a couple years to kind of get settled um get our careers going, and everything before our children. So that’s what we’re doing we solve another couple years before we’re going to keep you’re going to start trying for children, and then we’re kind of going for like two or three as far as kids go we’ll just see what happens, and of course there could always be surprises you never know between you know now, and then, and if that does happen we’ll be extremely happy for that but that’s just kind of Li the general plan that. I feel like, I’ll comfortable sharing on the Internet how many times you buy kiss a hairstyle before you make it tutorial it really the hairstyle usually it’s something that are a lot of times tutorials like you are on your cells that, I’ve worn a couple times on my own. So it’s not that. I sat down. And I was like.

I’ll going to have to do this today it was like oh. I like that hair sale. I want to wear it, and then. I wear it a couple times, and then, I’ll like. I should make a tutorial on it. So that you know it kind of just depends. I always practice at least two to three times before. I film it just to kind of like get any of the kinks out or kind of like we’re finding the steps a little bit, and then if it’s a harder hairstyle or one that. I really feel like. I can get more streamlined, I’ll practice it more often until. I get to that point where. I feel really comfortable with it if you can have your hair look anyway but then go back to normal the next day what would it be. I want to chop my hair off. I honestly want to chop my hair off if. I could like do that, and then it will be back to this link the next day. I would totally do it. Because. I want to know what. I look like this short hair. I really just want to know. I keep thinking about like getting a wig that’s shorter. So that. I could like style it is it for tutorials but. I feel like that would be weird. So I haven’t done it but anyway that like the long bob thing that’s been popular for a while now like years now where people like have that kind of blunt thing that’s talked about their collarbone, and then just a couple little layers in here. I feel like. I would love to do that or. I would do a little bit higher like just grazing my shoulders, and super choppy short really movement filled layers in here either one absolutely. I also would do a pixie cut. So any of those three. I would live in j-law style pixie cut where she has like the longer.

So cut. I feel like that would bring my face a little better but anyway. I would basically chopped my hair off if given the opportunity like. I love my hair don’t get me wrong. I just really want to experience shorter hair cut, I’ve never had it how do you wear your hair to bed. I include this one. Because it got asked like six or seven times. I wear my hair in a braid to sleep, and it just depends on what. I feel like you do. Because. I have some shorter layers that don’t fit into a braid. Some nights, I’ll just leave those down, and look around my face or some nights when. I don’t want to anything in my face, I’ll just do like a French braid that starts like around my ear right. So it gets all these short layers in, and wear it in a braid that way my friend that it gets my hair out of my face but it causes much breakage or like neck pain. I was doing a ponytail or like a button would. So that’s why. I do that it does leave a little bit of crimping on my hair. Because my hair is actually straight it just kind of depends on what you want with your hair but that’s what works for me what is the most earring thing you wish you could do to your hair but, I’ve always chickened out on well. I like often on for the last couple years have wanted to dip dye on my hair. And I almost did it when. I started cosmetology school a couple years ago. I was literally like about to do it, and then. I chickened out on it mostly. Because. I was getting married a couple months later, and like. I was planning to just chop the colorful tips off but then. I was afraid it would be chopping too much hair off. And I just went out but. I would totally do that, I’ll still really seriously thinking about buying a set of extensions. So I can get dye the ends, and that way. I can at least pretend like. I have dipped items. Because. I don’t want it but. I don’t want it bad enough to actually do it. So that’s probably why. I keep chickening out on it but that’s probably the most daring thing that. I thought about doing it, I’ve always chicken down one okay. So that’s it guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed this. And I will see you guys again on Wednesday with my next post.

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