I Wore The Ugliest Jacket In The World For A Week

Hello friends and welcome to another post. This week, we’re gonna be taking on another strange fashion item and this time, it’s a jacket. Previously we’ve tried the Teva Uggs, the clear knee mom jeans that one band ruffle t-shirt, the clear pants, and the hairy chest swimsuit.

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It’s fall, it seems appropriate that a jacket would pop up right about now, and uh, oh it has. So I found this jacket on my Twitter feed, and I thought it was pretty much one of the strangest things that I’d ever seen. I then found out that it was seven hundred dollars, which didn’t make me happy, but I thought we had to try it anyway and, maybe if we can get through the week without ruining it, we can return it at the end. Now this jacket is from a company called Y-project; they’re also the originators of the diaper jeans, the double jeans (I believe) and I’m sure a couple other ones. They’re just having a good time, designing things that nobody wants, but everyone wants to talk about. So besides Twitter, other news outlets have also picked up this jacket a little bit. Here’s the denim jacket with sleeves that reach your knees that you’ve always wanted. You didn’t need to use your hands did you? Is this the world’s dumbest fashion statement? Perhaps. Okay. Let’s bring it out. All right here it is. Looks normal, looks normal, but wait! Wait. Oh my god. I don’t think I can show you guys what it looks like actually sitting down. I think I gotta hold it up. I have some concerns right off the bat.

Mostly, I’m just nervous about using my hands. Also, maybe dragging on the ground, getting it dirty, people literally thinking I’m Slenderman. But I’m honestly kind of excited. There’s a lot of arm. There’s a lot of arm. I will say that I already can’t use my hands. I noticed that my fly was like slightly unzipped in the bathroom (Tyler: Game over, yeah.) I thought about it, and I couldn’t do anything about it. Like my hands are here by the way. I don’t know about wearing it all week like trying to actually do things Because it feels like actually these could almost be hazards in terms of like hitting people or maybe getting caught in car doors Yeah, you’re gonna get dragged I feel dramatic or I feel a little bit like a rhythmic gymnast around like on ribbons I also kind of feel like my own like personal space designator. I’m just like don’t come near me I mean to be honest. I don’t get it, but it is kind of fun all right Let’s do it trying to get thumbs up So day one I tried to style the jacket as closely to the pictures on the net-a-porter website as I could Can you reach me from here? they had basically a Matching pair of wide leg jeans and a white button-down and like white boots on and I actually found a pair of jeans that pretty Closely matches this denim, but it’s not really wide leg in fact. It’s quite skinny. I do like the idea My pants look like my sleeves. They have photos of the sleeves long and also scrunched up I think it’s crunch it up. It just feels like I’m not committing I mean like I need to commit, but I think its natural state is when it’s like completely unfurled like a shady character I would not want to run into you in this alley There’s definitely something fun about it, but your hands do turn into giant blubbering mittens So that’s just something to think about before you try and do anything or pick anything up again sanitizer Don’t need that.

I got giant Afton’s on your hand see This is a way to enjoy Both the jacket and your hands at the same time almost like a cape you feel kind of like Anna Wintour Get me Naga food. Yeah, it is a little Devil Wears Prada Don’t you know everything UN has been picked by us and this is all Day two I wore the jacket with a grey Wide-leg jumpsuit, which ended up being pretty much the same length as the sleeves of the jacket So it was almost like I was just wearing like one block of clothes and kind of like trying to like pass a high school dress code like my skirt has to be longer than my We went out to dinner in the jacket which made me a little nervous because food definitely seems like enemy number one in the quest To return this I can use my jacket like an oven mitt. Can you see that’s amazing? I’m holding my hot plate just And I gotta eat it though. That’s the next challenge, but actually pizza was kind of okay. Oh, maybe I don’t need Tyler’s hello I had a little more control than I anticipated over like the pin singh action I’m able to kind of like the clasp insert with my thumb Can’t use much of my thumb and knees but a little bit at the phone Strangely, I would say that eating with the sleeves pushed up made me more anxious because I was nervous that the sleeves would unfurl into The food was it your hair like when you leaned down into it.

No what’s that another potential hazard is escalators. You got clearance Be careful Get your jacket stuck in the actual escalator universally – leave the job Then you think about all that money in general I would say there are more snagging hazards, and one would anticipate you just got to be careful out there a straitjacket of the names that we have – it would have to be one of the dumbest ways you could die I Always get sucked in yeah, that would be one of the secrets I’m posting somebody wear that jacket so day three I went for a more casual recreational look. I took the jacket to see a friend Which direction he goes It’s hard work also Like oh you’re a new worker nice cinnamon walked away That’s pretty tough work to be honest. Yeah. No. I I don’t envy him He does however have like a full cylindrical tubular body. I only have sleeves I’m not saying that I’m good enough to be hired But I’m definitely good enough to do it for free so while I’m still training I thought I’d do some pro bono work outside of some you know dealerships that need some help in general though If you don’t have to do anything specific like eat, or be perceived as a normal human this jackets pretty amusing That’s not enough sleeves that it’s not good enough It’s kind of like a sexless adult toy. I’m Edward denim hands just hours of fun by yourself.

I do have a fun little dramatic flair I’m dangerous day four is when tragedy struck. I went online to see the net-a-porter listing for this jacket Just to make sure I didn’t miss anything and I saw that they changed their marketing photos to feature Only the jacket with those sleeves scrunched up or fold it up like inside out there were no longer any photos of it Oh natural, so even though it killed me I decided to style it like they recommended and folded the sleeves inside out to curb its natural enthusiasm I Would rather roll them up like I’ve kind of been doing like you know push them up for with the scrunching you can so reveal The sleeve you can unfold we’re so far from the sleeve right now I feel like if you bought this jacket from their photos expecting it to be almost like a two-tone denim jacket And you got this you would be shocked. I don’t think that it was ever worth $700 but without the sleeves, it’s definitely not worth $700 at least with this I get like two extra feet of denim to smack with Why I was honestly surprised that they bailed on their long sleeve.

So quickly I think it’s because they got so much crap for the Jacket, they started trying to sell it as something more normal on the website they state that why project is going for an exaggerated oversized silhouette, which has been featured on high fashion runways over the last couple of years But the question of why still remains I have a few of my own Theories there is something about the sleeves that make me feel like a little girl or like I’m wearing something like super oversized like my boyfriend’s jacket You know it’s just so big on me But impractically exaggerated silhouettes have popped up at different times throughout history usually took a note social status for example in 18th century France Extravagantly wide hips dresses called penny airs were worn to show how much fabric and tailoring the wearer could afford and their Difficulty to walk in also demonstrated the wearer’s lack of need to be mobile Another example from the other side of the world comes from China where exceptionally long pinky fingernails were grown by nobility to show that the wearer’s hands were too fancy for Manual labour whether or not this jacket is meant to have a similar connotation is unclear I’m not sure this denim look shouts fancy in today’s world what I will say is that what it lacks in Practicality it certainly makes up for with fun But it needs that exaggerated silhouette and sleeves unfurled to do it so sorry net-a-porter But then folded up looking flying with me day five I left the jacket back out of the bag And I took it on a little makeup excursion to Disneyland.

I’m actually pretty sure I can reach the water in snowy. Well oh Did you pee that in general? It was really fun? It was nighttime, so I don’t think anyone was really giving my jacket a second look You know part of being at Disneyland is like people are kind of like wearing Marks, you know like they’re like wearing their character stuff, so like could be like oh what character Are you Ursula’s Ilsa, Oh same? I was interested to see though how the jacket would do on a roller coaster so we went on Splash Mountain To be honest I was like kind of nervous about that But we survived the jacket survived and for the first time in my life. I bought Ride photo at Disney I like it cuz I kind of put my arms up a little too late for the pictures the ends have become all flaccid and My return tag is so long Thankfully there weren’t that many people at the park so we had a log all to ourselves And we also had a lot of the park to ourselves. Yeah, full radius that thing we’re gonna abandon Disneyland for life You know I know they’ve banned selfie sticks from Disneyland I feel like they’re gonna now fan this jacket specific the one jacket it. Honestly went pretty well with the happiest place on earth vibe I’m engaging my core except for the moment when I thought I would be stuff on the carousel forever Day six, I took my jacket to a more formal situation I tried to kind of dress it up You know I was saying like what can you wear with this Slenderman jacket to dress it up, and I was like giant pants It’s the double negative outfit exactly. It’s like Which one’s worse we met up with Christine and Ben from simply illogical at a like pre streamys event she sees us I don’t think she’s ready for this We’re shaking hands you can’t leave It’s like a Chinese finger trap Christine and Ben actually didn’t seem to mind the jacket that much. What do you think of it then?

By a man And in general I would say that the event was a pretty good place for the jacket these were made for the red carpets Saf There were a lot of dancing opportunities which besides outside of a used car, lot I hadn’t done much of this week It’s like a rave shirt if I ever get invited to raves. I shall wear it in fact I think the dance floor might see this jackets true natural habitat You just have to make sure that nobody else really also wants to dance because you need some room I don’t know if anyone was looking. I was more involved in like dancing I was doing a lot of uhhh yeah, they were looking away So I don’t know how other people were reacting to be honest, Cristine and Ben were less weirded out than I thought they would be Don’t know if it’s worth $700 but I’m gonna have a hard time parting with it. So on day seven I wore this so-called ugly jacket with a selection of my other So-called ugly items. I haven’t worn some of these in a while. I’m kind of feeling some familiar Caresses of my body you know they know my curves when your sleeves are down It draws your attention downward, and then you see the community of mom jeans, and then you see the ugliest shoes It’s just like the outfit that keeps on giving. There is something very liberating about looking like an idiot I feel also a little bit like a mother duck, and I’ve got all my little like, duckling under my wing I’m like protecting them I don’t think I’m gonna be winning any fashion awards for this look, but it was nice to have the family all together again My sleeves ate my sunglasses (!) So it’s like actually really hot out here Especially at all of our other stuff, so I’m gonna tie this around my waist. Just you guys know This is how you have to do it You have to loop them, and then Tie them in the back. I don’t think anyone else was enjoying my outfit But my only regret was wearing the hairy chest swimsuit like a leotard because it got a tad swampy down there Okay, so that was my week wearing the Y project oversized denim jacket I would say that this jacket is not something I would wear casually in fact It’s pretty difficult to style. It looks kind of stupid like you don’t really look like a human You look more like a squid or any number of other different things But if you’re not concerned about how this jacket looks at all, this jacket is very enjoyable I still think it’s crazy that this jacket costs $700.

It is just kind of like an avant-garde fashion look That’s popped up in real life But who knows, you might be able to earn some of the money you spent on this jacket You know doing some work outside of a car dealership. If this jacket were cheaper I would be an advocate for this jacket as is. I would say probably don’t buy it, but I would also say to why project Don’t let the haters get you down, don’t change your marketing photos You do you. As for me, the tags are still on So we’ll see if after this post is uploaded if they’ll still let me try and return it Thank you guys so much for reading if you like that post make sure to smash that like button and if you want to see More posts like this make sure to shamash that comment button If you’ve already smashed that comment button make sure to also smash that little bell icon in the middle to turn on post notifications So you get a notification every time that I post. Here are my social media handles and make sure to check out my Next Feed, I do a lot of daily postging and q and A’s on there. A big shout out to Mable for reading. Thanks for reading Mable, and I will see you guys a next time.

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