Im 69 Still Trying To Make It In Hollywood L.A. Land

So, where do you want to go for dinner? Oh no, Im not having this argument again. I dont think thats it. Im gonna put on my therapist hat here. I didnt know you ever took it off. Okay, good. So, its getting there. Youre trying to, if anything, show me that youve grown. Does that make sense? So I just want you to have the were gonna have the conversation one more time. I want to grow, Ken. Why wont you let me grow? Lets watch. Lets reread this, okay? Yeah? Yeah. Okay, come around this side. And here. Were reading it down.

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So where do you want to go for dinner? Oh no, I am not having this argument again. No! I want to grow, Ken. Why wont you let me grow? Okay. What do you take away from today? To trust myself and be myself and to give you a hug. Aw, youre awesome. Thank you, thank you. Youre awesome. Okay, were done. Well delete this. No one in else in the history of humankind is gonna see this ever again. Its gonna be very fun. Its gonna be good. This is my house. Ta-da! This is my bed. I spend a lot of time sitting here. This is where I can cook, but I dont do too much cooking.

So this is my home. Thank you for coming! My name is Sandra Bowes, I am 60ish. I am that old. Im 69. See! I told you. Ive been here for two months. I was living in Maui with my partner, Ted. I applied through Backstage from Maui to parts here in L.A. and I got one, so I just came. When I was younger I did quite a bit of acting and then I got married and had kids, and then I just realized that I was gonna have to spend night, after night, after night away from my kids. And I didnt want to. So I just kind of put acting on the back shelf for my mom years. This is the mom-ish Sandra Bowes. Do I look like a mom? And then this is the more elegant, brighter type Sandra Bowes. On the back is my resume.

And some of the things are on IMDB, which Im really excited about. Okay, so this one I would apply for. So you press the apply button, and then you just, you type your thing and you go apply now. Voila, success. Today Im doing background work. And hopefully, I thought it said in the ad that were featured background. That theyll give us lines to say. I know, but they did three different shots, and then several takes of each shot. Mm-mm. No lines. But it was neat. One of the other actors, he was sitting across from me and he was like, Woah, you were really acting. You were really playing it. You know what I mean? Cause I was, you know? I was really pretending. Health food. But I dont see any spoons.

No, cause Im doing it cause I love it. I dont really want to get famous, you know what I mean? I just, Id like to get really good. And I mean, my big dream would be to get some kind of award. And Id love to have my kids be with me at the award ceremony. I think that would be so neat. Or Ted. Although Teds not really into post, so anyway. I think Ted was very scared of losing me. I think he was terrified actually. But I just decided I wanted to start living my dream after all these years. Were going to an audition. Its called Singing to the Sheep. If you walk out that door right now youll be picking a world of strangers over your legacy. Great, so lets go through it one more time. Have her to have him sort of move more towards the city life is not necessarily the direction that she thinks is best for George. So with that in mind go ahead and can you slate for the camera? And then give a nod to Renee whenever youre ready.

Okay. A world of fear that you dont know and thatll chew you up and spit you out like Eunice. Great, so were gonna be making our decisions either this week or next week. Alright. Thank you so much for coming in to the audition. Thank you so much, guys. Have a good one, okay? You too. I felt like it was medium. Yeah, I didnt his direction, I kind of had an idea in my head already of how it was gonna be and I dont think I took the direction very well, so. Medium. Ive wanted to do this for my whole life. I put everything on the backburner for everybody else and now its my time to do it. And I really wish that you were on board with me, I really do. What I was thinking? I was thinking that Ted was leaving. And I mean this could be a very real situation coming up in the future cause hes moving here. And I really am into doing acting and driving through the traffic and everything, and hes not.

But I cant, I cant not be who I am. I cant do that. I cant put myself on the backburner anymore. I have to do what I want to do with the years I have left. Well thatll have to be okay. Every time I push against that fear in myself, it seems to have a positive outcome. So its very wonderful to not be ruled by fear. Cause its the journey is what is important. Its not the goal, its the journey along the way. If theres anything, anything in the world that I really, really, really want, its to be good.

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