I’M Not Coping With My Feelings. How Can I Get Help With My Negative Emotions Pregnancy?

I'm not coping with my feelings. How can I get help with my negative emotions pregnancy?

If you are currently experiencing one or several negative emotions such as the ones described above, you need to work on ways to change your thoughts so that they play a less dominant role in your emotions. I realize this is not easy and cannot happen overnight, but you need to find the source of the emotions and the best way for you to manage it. This might involve a combination of relaxation techniques (122), talking to someone close to you (not necessarily your partner), making certain lifestyle changes, including doing regular exercise and getting plenty of sleep, and counselling or perhaps psychotherapy.

By adopting one or several of the above methods, you will feel you are taking control of these negative emotions and this will enable you to feel less dominated by them, thereby reducing their impact on your well-being.

It helps to be optimistic and outgoing because your predominant state of mind has underlying effects on your health and well-being.

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