Importance of the stressor

Some people do not mind being held up in heavy, slow-moving traffic since losing some time is of no importance to them. On the other hand others ‹“tear their hair out’ because the delay will make them late for an important meeting. They may become angry and hostile towards other drivers, especially those jumping the queue. The point is that the importance of the stressor to you will determine the degree to which your stress response is activated.
Duration of the stressor

Being held up in a traffic jam for a few minutes may cause some irritation in a driver who is late for a meeting but if the traffic jam persists he may ‹“blow a fuse’. How long each stressor lasts will affect your stress balance and the extent to which your stress response is activated. Some stressors last a short time, such as a job interview, whilst others persist for long periods, for example dealing with relationship difficulties.

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