Improve Legs With Birch Oil

Combat ugly cellulite with regular massage. Diet and exercise are all known to help reduce the lumpy orange-peel skin that appears at the top of the thigh and on the bottom, but massage using a plant-based cream like birch oil helps too, by improving blood and lymph circulation, and releasing trapped toxins.


Aparigraha is part of one of the eight limbs of yoga, the yamas, which relates to how we conduct ourselves in our day-to-day lives. Aparigraha specifically relates to non-grasping, which is a pretty important concept in our current world. Working on non-grasping assures that we are not spending all our waking hours in fervent desire of the new iPhone.

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When I first learned about chakras, I rolled my eyes more than I listened. Spinning vortexes of energy did not resonate with me on any level, but I figured I would have to suffer through the lectures in order to become a yoga teacher. However, as I delved more into Eastern philosophy, it made sense to me on my own terms.

Here is how I see it: we have the part of our bodies that is anatomical, and the part of our bodies that is emotional. When you experience emotional heartbreak, your actual heart isn‚ „t broken, but it can still feel physical. When you get nervous before a presentation, you don‚ „t actually have butterflies in your stomach, but it feels real. All of these experiences can be explained within the chakra system It is as if there is a particular charge and energy that can be balanced or out of whack within each part of our body. We can store our emotional experiences the way we can store tension in our backs.

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