In a Pinch Braided Updo – Cute Hair for Lazy Days

Hey girls Kili here this week we’re doing Vanessa from Gossip Girl, and today we’re doing this braided updo which is one of the only up dudes. I could find that she did, and it’s braided. So that’s awesome the is one of those updos that. I did on my hair. And I was immediately like wow. I just want to wear this every day. Because it’s pretty it’s easy, and if you’re having a bad hair day you just throw it out of the way, and it looks cute, and it doesn’t even look like your hair is just going crazy you know.

In a Pinch Braided Updo – Cute Hair for Lazy Days Photo Gallery

I really like it. I hope you guys do too and, I’ll see you next post well. I okay first thing you’re going to do is put your hair in half, and then you’re going to braid each of those sections all the way down if you want this to be kind of a more intricate little look at the end you can do more than two braids but two braids is definitely the easiest, and the fastest way to do it when you get to the end of the braid you want to secure it with the band, and then what you’re going to do is cross the braids over each other like. So you can kind of push up a little bit, and that add some volume right over the raids, and pin those in place. I did it by Criss crossing my pins over the middle of where.

I had crossed the braids over. So it would hold just a little bit better, and then you’re going to take one side, and flip it up kind of bring it around where you cross the braids over, and then pin that in place, and then you’re going to repeat that on the other side, and you’re actually going to bring the end of that braid over all the braids that we’ve done. So far. So kind of like creates a little bit of dimension. Because you’ve got basically three braids on top of each other at this point. So it makes it look really interesting when you just kind of glance at it you’re going to pin that in place, and then you’re going to take the ends, and tuck them underneath the braids that we’ve already done. So that you can’t see them anymore, and pin those in place if your hair is really long you can continue wrapping, and making a really intricate looking bun if your hair is really short just kind of wrap them around, and the way it looks best to you, and that’s it you’re done you.

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