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Cementing Outcomes

At the end of this chapter, youll find a very important yoga exercise called Cementing Outcomes, for you to document your yoga achievements. It is the culmination of the yoga experience, providing you with a powerful reminder of what outcomes you have achieved in each sphere of life. I recommend that you use this exercise at least every six months. It is a way for you to document your progress and then go on to new challenges. It is important for you to give yourself credit for all your achieved outcomes. It is a lot of fun to celebrate these accomplishments.

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Please read the next Inspiration and complete the chapters yoga exercise, Cementing Outcomes. Refer to the clientsample exercise. Blog your thoughts in your journal or online.

This blog is designed to offer you an alternative to yoga poses and to facilitate your yoga experience. No matter what spheres of life you choose to address, I hope you enjoy working toward the vision of your life.

Many of you, I suspect, will be drawn to yoga for a range of reasons. We have demonstrated that some seek greatness, some seek purpose, and others seek confidence. I have seen yoga enable all sorts of people to achieve incredible results. Its a process whose time has come, and I encourage you to take full advantage of it if youre a person with hopes and dreams that are part of most normal peoples lives.

Congratulations! You have now gotten more in touch with your truths; you have decided whether or not to fire your therapist; you have learned a lot about yoga as applied to normal people; you have completed multiple yoga exercises; and you have learned from the many inspirations, questions, and quizzes.

Yoga usually doesnt work miracles, but in its ability to help people deal with difficulties and plan breakthrough opportunities, it often seems miraculous.

I wish you joy and adventure as you discover the formula for the next phase of your life.

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