Infinity Braid Combo Hairstyles

Hey, guys. I’m Abby from LA. And Kam’s here to help me today. Hi, guys. To show you guys how to do the infinity braid combo. It’s a great style wet or dry. So it’s fantastic for all you athletes that are always looking for something pulled back and nice and tight. Now, don’t forget you guys that we have started a new blog call Millennial Moms, and you can check me out over there. I just filmed a post that’s up there You can click the information box to go see it. And while you’re there, give it a thumbs up and comment. That’s how you show you love us. Yay. Anyway, it’s awesome. It’s winter hacks, so it’s a great fun post, and all of the kids make an appearance in it.

Infinity Braid Combo Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So check it out. Now let’s get to the hairstyle. Okay now, to begin this hairstyle, you can see that I’ve wet her hair just slightly. The great thing about this style is that it’s super versatile. You can go from dripping wet hair all the way to dry, just depending on how you want it to look. I’m going to pick up a section right at the top of her crown, right here. You want this to be a pretty good sized section. You don’t want it to be too small because this is ultimately the hair you end up using for the remainder of the hairstyle. When you get that section the way you want it, divide it in half. Just two flat out, even pieces. Here you go. Now I’m going to go to this right side right here on her head, and I’m gonna pick up a small piece in the front of her head. You can see I didn’t drag it all the way back because I don’t want this piece to be too big or it gets crazy when you’re braiding farther along. So just a small piece. I’m gonna take it under first, that first section. And then you can see I’m crossing it over the top of section two. Now I have the piece right here. Now I’m gonna go to this left side of her head.

And again pick up a small section. Right here. Pull it back. And I’m merging it right into that piece that I just weaved through her hair. So I combine those two, take them back under section one and over section two. And we’re gonna do it again. So pick up a small section here on this side, add it right into the same piece we’re weaving through. Now you can see this is why it become an infinity braid because you’re just using the same hairs over and over and over and repeating the stitches. So I go under creating a bump and then over, pull this hair out of the way, go back over to this side, pick up another small section of hair. Add it into our weaving piece.

Take it under. And then back over. And we’re just going to keep doing this all the way down the braid. When you get to this point, you can choose whether to keep doing an infinity braid ’til you run out of, the ends of her hair, or you can switch over and do regular braid or a, gosh, a fishtail, anything you really want here. So, if you were gonna do an infinity braid, you can just keep wrapping it like you were but the problem is you’re gonna start having these ends popping out. So what I kind of like to do is really just start like a fishtail, which looks nice and fun. Just take a piece of hair, wrap it around the back, then another piece, wrap it to the other side, and work your way through a fishtail, transitioning to that. (music) When you’re all finished, secure it with an elastic. And then you guys, I mean, you guys know me.

And I love to pancake. So here’s the tight version. Everything’s nice and tight. Then you can just go back, pull and fluff. You can actually even do this all the way up through the braid. Just give it a tug. Make it nice and full. Let’s see the final spin. Cute, cute. Hope you guys like it like I do. Now don’t forget to check out Millennial Moms. Again you can find the link in the description box or in the “i” right here. Don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and comment. And we’ll see you guys next week. Bye, you guys. Bye. Look at her. She’s beautiful. Does she look like Cookie? Yea. (baby cries) Look at her. Aww. Ohh. There she is. She does look like the twins. She does. Let’s go over and see your mom. Wanna go see mommy? Yea. Hi, baby. Hello. Gonna give her a kiss? Give her a kiss. That’s your mommy. That’s mama. Aww. She’s got a lot of hair. Yes she does. A little more than the girls had, I think. I think she’s got more than the twins, too. She’s got those eyelashes already showing. Does she? Yep, she does, doesn’t she? We’re gonna take her and get her weighed and measured. And then we’ll bring her to see you in a little while in the recovery room, okay? All right. All right, see ya. Bye, honey.

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