Infinity Mermaid Braid Hairstyle

And, I’m Sarah. And we’re from where do you teach it styles. And today my mom will be showing you an infinity mermaid braid.

And this is what it looks like let’s get started okay. I have her hair half up into a ponytail. And I wrapped a ponytail with her own hair.

Infinity Mermaid Braid Hairstyle Photo Gallery

And make it look prettier. And I put a little gel up on top as well. And her hair is wet take the ponytail but in half two equal parts take a slice from the side a very small slice you bring it over.

And then under the strand here then you’re going to take a little slice over here when you join it in with that. And slice here okay you’re going to take it over then under join this little slice just a little slice though bring it together bring it. And sign your brain over then a little slice on the side over.

And then. And just continue all the way down are joining each side to get little pieces. So as, I’m getting down to the neck area, I’ll take the spice from behind.

And connect it with this strand here before, I secure it. And wrap it around, I’ll take that strand that, I pulled from behind. And, I’ll loosen it out this then continue getting it from behind pull over it but before, I secure it, I’m going to loosen this out.

And you just continue all right down to the end or as far as you like to have which is making sure that we have just a little bit of hair joining it together wrapping it pulling it out to loosen it beside Edinson here that’s in here once, I locked in the hair that, I joined the other it’s going to say it’s going too hard flat. So you want to try to make sure that it gets loosened out first before you lock in you have a good fat guy in the courtroom fold the other side lunges you sent it out but tighten it then add it to lock it in, I just end it thank you want to secure it spread your sighs out make it look more defined nice letting it out you can curl it at the end, I just backcomb it just to make it look fluffier has some kind of volume puffiness to it scrunch it up take one of your favorite hair accessories. And clip it onto the end to hide that elastic band little hairspray to define it even more.

So it separated to look for like a money no you have thank you. So much for taking the time to watch this tutorial. And if you have any styles that you like us to show you please leave comments down below don’t forget to give a thumbs up.

And comment to our Blog see you next week have a good day bye guys.

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