Inspired by medieval European sinks

Inspired by medieval European sinks, Toulouse has an oval shape and can be customised with vintage floral patterns. It comes in two finishes: Natural and white porcelain.

I couldn‚ „t do anything but run to the bathroom. I sat in the stall and cried like a baby. I couldn‚ „t stop crying. I had chest pain, my head started to hurt and all I could do was weep. I cried until all my tears completely washed all the makeup off my face. My eyes were swollen and bloodshot red. I didn‚ „t say anything to anyone the entire day. I went home and laid in my bed and cried for the rest of the night too. I felt humiliated, and I didn‚ „t have anyone to talk to about it, because no one knew that I was still in a relationship with Steve. I was ashamed. I had a reputation of being a strong confident woman, and no one knew I allowed Steve to come and go as he pleased. I often spoke badly about women like that. As much as I frowned at side-chicks and mistresses, I had never expected to become one. I had to face the reality that I wasn‚ „t Steve‚ „s main girl. He had been playing me. The reason I could never spend time with him at his house is because Jamie lived there with him. The reason we could no longer go out on dates is because his relationship with Jamie was known all over town. It was only a secret to me.

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