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Warming TREND

Want to add a little warmth to your home? No, we’re not suggesting turning up the furnace or get- ting a fre going. Instead, create a cozy ambience by incorporating shades of metallic to give your house that warm, fall feeling.


This season, cool, brushed metals are being set aside for matte, warm ones like bronze and gold, which are are gaining in popularity on the home decor scene and will lend a touch of sophistication to any space. Plus, they are a great complement to the hot, new navy blues and tried-and-true grey palettes that are trending in 2017. Think of it as a golden opportunity to try something new.

A hit of bronze or gold combined with trendy navy is an easy way to add a touch of warmth to your home.

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Show Your Lawn Some Love

Your lawn has had a busy few months: rainy spring, spotty summer, maybe a fair bit of foot traffc. So show it some love before the snow falls with a little pre-emptive upkeep. One simple step, says Bob Stanford, sales and account manager for the Ground Guys in Barrie, can help prevent snow mould — mowing.

“Typically, you want to cut your grass shorter than normal — about an inch to an inch and a half,” he says. “It’ll help stave off snow mould and winter damage.” What else can you do? Stanford advises applying a good fall fertilizer late in the season. This will give your lawn the nutrients it needs over the winter for a lush look come spring. — R.N.

Pumpkin Pleasers

Put more treat in trick-or-treating with these battery-powered LED Mercury Pumpkin Glimmer Strings lights from Pier 1. Hang them along door frames or banisters, or weave them through wreathes and centrepieces for a quick hit of glam to your Halloween gathering. $29.95,

Retro Vibes

Want to add a little retro fun to your great indoors this fall? Spin a favourite vinyl record on this por- table turntable, available in red or blue.

Innovative Technology Bluetooth Nostalgic Portable Vintage Suitcase Turntable, $79.95,


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