â¢In general, do not do a strong mouth for an interview, as it can be distracting to the person you’re talking to. Use a medium-toned lipstick that is not too strong but will not need to be reapplied, either. (See chapter 18.)

â¢Since you will want to establish and maintain good eye contact throughout the interview, concentrate instead on eye makeup. Use neutral colors, so the contrast with your skin is not harsh. You can’t go wrong with brown liner and a couple of coats of black mascara. Save more dramatic charcoal and slate liners and shimmer shadows for night.

â¢Makeup should look efficiently applied. The aim is to look like a serious, focused person, not like someone who spends hours in front of the mirror.

â¢Blush should be healthy-looking, natural, and carefully blended.

â¢If you are a red lipstick personality, you should definitely wear red for an interview. You might consider toning it down a bit, though. Mix your usual red with a brown-toned lipstick.

â¢Like the shoes you wear, fingernails tell you a lot about a person. Are they worn down or bitten? Or are they neat, clean, and short perfectly appropriate?

â¢I do not like long, dark nails, nail appliques, and nail âœjewelry❠in any situation but it is especially inappropriate for an interview. If possible, get a manicure.

â¢Powder is key. An interview is a stressful situation your palms and T-zone may become moist even if they are normally dry. (This is your fight-or-flight instinct taking over, but it isn’t all bad. When your adrenaline is pumping, you are more up, quick, and clear-thinking.) Nonetheless, you will want to look cool and at ease. Arrange to arrive a few minutes early and ask to go to the ladies’ room. Touch up with face powder and take some deep, calming breaths just before the interview.

â¢Your face needs to be smooth. Check it in natural light to be sure that your makeup doesn’t look piled on. Use your hands to press (not wipe) excess blush and powder into your face.

Note: Fluorescent lighting can turn skin gray or pale. It can wash you out and create unattractive shadows on your face. Rose or pink blush and lipstick help counteract the unflattering, deadening effect of fluorescent light. Bronzing powder serves the same purpose. Always avoid orange and green makeup colors.


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