İrina Shayk

How you became a model bow did you experience the first job you did as a modeP There is no short answer of how I became a model other than persistent and consistent hard work. My career would be launched onto an international scale when I first became an International Bikini Model Team Winner.l ibms, international Bikini Model Search). With this notoriety l would become published, interviewed and photographered by the industries most sought out publications and photographers. My first job would come as a honorary invitational designating that rd be lead model for Smash Clothing in their fall fashion show. This experience gave me a worth while valadation for all of the hours I’ve spem in from building my professional modeling portfolio.

Why did you choose this line P As far as I can reflect back in my modeling career I c annot bring to thought a point of time where I woke up and said I would love to be a modeL Beauty, fashion, and photography has been a passion of mine as far back as I can remembet I’ve always had the inner desire to be recognized in photography, media and entertainment. Bikini modeling and bikini fashion was of greater interest to me due to my God given genetics and exotic sexy look that commands this industry.

What’s been the best moment of your lifeP Growing up with so many siblings over divided my mother’s attention to my successes. This is no one’s fault for her life was extremely complex juggling 14 children and working sun up to sun down hours. Reflecting back I gaze into a large void, a void lacking in praises, good job, validation of my successes by my mother, ft wouldn’t be until years later as a young lady new into the World of modeling that l would land on the front cover and center fold pages of a Magazine of Louisiana.

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