Irish Whiskey Drink Recipes

Hot Punches

It is best to use a porcelain pan in preparing these, or if you have one, a chafing dish. This latter will keep the punch warm at the table.

Bishop’s Punch

You will need for 12-14 persons:

12 cloves 3 tablespoons sugar or 2 fresh oranges sugar syrup 3 drops Angostura 2 bottles port bitters grated nutmeg

1 Stick the cloves into each of the oranges.

2 Bake the oranges until the rind becomes brown.

3 Cut the oranges into quarters and put them into a porcelain pan.

4 Shake the bitters over the oranges.

5 Add the sugar and port.

6 Heat the mixture and let it simmer for about 15 minutes.

7 Spoon the mixture into stem glasses and sprinkle the top with grated nutmeg.

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