If you are unsure about the effectiveness of your antiageing products, cut right back on the number of products you are using. Most people use far too many different ones, which makes it difficult to assess their efficiency. In addition to your usual day and night moisturizers, try just one other wrinkle cream for a week to see if there are any beneficial results.


There have been different forms of idealism in the West. If people say there is no reality except for the mind, this would be a very egocentric statement. It is not particularly Buddhist to say that reality is mind, and that when 1 discover who I am, the essence of the universe is me. That is more like the Vedanta notion of sat-citananda than the Buddhist notion of reality. Also, if reality were the mind, the mind could do anything. We have a particular experience and the mind conceptualizes that experience. Then, as far as each individual is concerned, that is our reality. Once we begin to work through our conceptual paraphernalia, everyones experience of reality would be the same. We do not experience reality as it is, because our perception of the world varies according to the individual. You see things in a particular way and I see things in a particular way.

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