Is It Normal For Babies To Sleep All Day

Is It Normal For Babies To Sleep All Day

Finding Support

Sleeping problems are easier to tackle when you feel supported in your choices. Most parents start by talking to their partner. Often you think you know what your partner feels or expects, and your partner thinks he knows you too. Often you’re right. But where there is tension or things don’t feel right, it’s imperative that you sit down and talk about it. Naturally, now that you have a baby there’s no time for talking. If only you didn’t have the baby you could find time to sit and talk about the baby . But all relationships – the good, the bad and the downright wobbly – are tested by the arrival of a baby. A baby who doesn’t sleep compounds the problem Talking is one of the best ways to remain in touch with your partner. So, blog a slot and stick to it.

Natashia and I used to have our baths together because it meant I was ready for bed when she was. One night Alan came home early and we were already in the bath and he just took off his suit and got in with us. We couldn’t stop laughing, and it was freezing, because no-one could lie down and we couldn’t have the water too hot because of Natashia, but we really had a good talk about how things were. ’

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Carol and Alan, parents of Natashia and Luke

Sharing the Load

We’ve been through periods where my husband and I have been at each other’s throats, just because I was tired. ’

Kim, mother of Rowan and Lloyd

Many women say they have to get up to their baby at night because their partner has a responsible job.

Researchers have discovered what most exhausted women already knew: that tiredness can seriously impair your relationship with your baby and with your other children. And it can strain your relationship with your partner, sometimes terminally. So tell me, who has a responsible job?

Practical Tips to Support each other when Sleeplessness is Ruining your Relationship

• Do things as parents for your baby, rather than just taking turns

• Ask your partner to cuddle you as you feed the baby

• Be patient with each other as you learn what works

• Try not to give each other too many pointers, make your own way with your baby

• Affirm each other’s growing skills: when things go well, describe what happened (You picked her up and she stopped crying’). When things go badly, make your suggestions gently (Sometimes she seems to like her back rubbed’).

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