Is Memory Affected By Menopause?

Very few studies have been done on the effect of menopause upon short-term memory. Nevertheless, women themselves describe this problem in many ways, starting with difficulty concentrating or forgetting where they put things. For example, how often do you have to look for your car keys or your sunglasses, or struggle to recapture lost thoughts or the ends of your sentences? As one woman told me, Having spent the first fifty years of my life getting to the point where I could function really well in my life, I really resent feeling mentally foggy' now. ? Another added wistfully, These days, I always feel like my thoughts are too little or too late.

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? Two coping tips that are highly rated in our program questionnaires are making more reminder lists and notes for yourself and forgiving yourself for those momentary lapses. Remember, according to the experts, all of us.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Menopause? May experience a slight decline in memory capacity as we age.

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