James Harden

Reality star KHLOE KARDASHIAN has opened up about her relationship with basketball player JAMES HARDEN for the first time. Khloé says that James, 26, has been â˜supportive’ since her estranged husband LAMAR ODOM was found unconscious in a Las Vegas brothel and Khloé rushed to his bedside.

â˜James has been great, he’s been really supportive, really understanding. But I’ve been honest,’ she said. Her comments came shortly before Khloé and James were spotted out together for the first time since Lamar’s collapse.

Despite admitting she’ll always love Lamar (below right, with Khloé), the 31 year old insists they have no plans to reunite or give their marriage another go, saying: â˜I understand why it’s confusing to other peopleâ it’s confusing to me, too. It’s communication, just really being honest and hearing [James’] feelings as well what he’s comfortable with and what he’s not, I have to respect that.’

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