Janelle Monae Beauty Evolution

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to hit that comment button so you don’t miss any posts. I love Janelle Monáe because she has this electric style. Everything about her is unapologetic. It’s woman. One of the things I like is the fact that she made an ode to the working class. She’s able to make a statement in a very subtle way, but she’s not subtle about it. Her music style is very funky and just soul-wise and it just makes you want to dance and I love to dance.

Janelle Monae Beauty Evolution Photo Gallery

I love Janelle Monáe and Janelle if you’re reading this, teach me your ways to be like you. Alright I’m ready. It’s time to get electric. This first look is really classic Janelle Monáe. It’s when she came out with a pompadour and that really became her thing. The makeup here is very flattering. Very neutral. Very clean. Alright I’m excited. Oh my god. I love it. I just always wanted to look like her and I do. It’s crazy. I feel like a boss. I’m gonna need to get a white blazer. The eye makeup here is beautiful and fierce with this nice cateye.

At this point she was already a covergirl and you can tell that her makeup has elevated. I’ve always wanted to do the braid. It has this regal look to it. I’m ready. I’m excited. Oh my gosh. I’m really feeling this braid. Yes! Wow this is really nice! Who are you? Can I take this persona home? This look was definitely a show stopper. She has a different style than her classic style as far as her hair. And so it’s a nice, sleek, short, cut. She still has her classic bold red lip. She still brings her black and white style but just in a completely different way. I’m like a bird. I want to fly away. I am like so nervous. What? (laughing) I definitely wear these everyday.

This is so elegant. Classy. Where am I going? I feel like a very elegant, fancy bird. I really enjoyed doing all these looks today. This was very out of the box for me, because I usually have my basic go-tos and once in awhile I do something nice. But this, completely different. I really loved it. Thanks so much for reading. For more posts, click on comment button. And to comment, click on comment button.

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