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When LS! caught up with The Wanted four years ago, the band were making waves as the new bad boys of pop. Play-fghting at our photoshoot, the fvesome’s latest single, Glad You Came, had been the song of the summer and their second album was shooting up the UK charts. Jay McGuiness (then 21), who’s currently wowing on Strictly Come Dancing, Nathan Sykes, (then 18) and Max George, Tom Parker and Siva Kaneswaran (all 23 at the time), were also kicking of their bid to crack the US by supporting Justin Bieber and Britney Spears on tour. The Strictly star was busy living up to his reputation as a party animal, with the band’s heart-throb Max revealing: â˜Jay was on a plane to Denmark after a night out and must have flled six sick bags!’

Drunken stories aside, Max also told LS!: â˜I’m a happy man.’ He was referring to his engagement to Michelle Keegan, who he met backstage at one of their gigs the previous December. Despite not having set a date for their wedding, he said proposing that June was the most romantic thing he’d ever done. Tom, who’d just begun dating actress Kelsey Hardwick, confrmed his bad boy past, confessing: â˜I’ve cheated on a lot of people. I’m a heartbreaker,’ before sharing his advice on dealing with a broken heart: â˜Get it on with somebody else.

Getting on the rebound is the best thing in the world.’ But their new fame also brought some crazy encounters with fans. Siva revealed: â˜When I was moving, I opened the back of the truck and I found an extra box with a fan inside. The box was made of plastic and she was sweating!’ Since our eye-opening encounter, everything has changed. Michelle called of the wedding the following year, and after moving to LA and flming their own Wanted reality show on E!, cracks started to form in the band. Embarking on a world tour in early 2014, the lads announced they were taking a break to pursue their own projects giving Jay the perfect opportunity to put on his dancing shoes and emerge as a surprise favourite to lift the Strictly Glitterball with his dance partner Aliona Vilani. Watch this space!

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