Jennifer Lawrence Beauty Evolution

If you haven‚ „t already, make sure to comment below. Jennifer Lawrence is very quirky. She‚ „s goofy, she‚ „s fun, she doesn‚ „t take herself too seriously. She‚ „s very talented. She‚ „s beautiful. My first memory of her is from ‚ “The Hunger Games.

Jennifer Lawrence Beauty Evolution Photo Gallery

‚  That was the first time I feel like I ever saw who she was. And then she tripped at the Oscars and then I just fell in love with her, the same way America did. I admire her for several reasons. I feel like when celebrities get famous, they become super glam, but she still stayed true to herself. Whenever she is on red carpet interviews, she always talks about how she hasn‚ „t eaten for a few hours and she can‚ „t wait to get in there and get drunk. Girl, I get you! I get it. You‚ „re me. I‚ „m you. We are one. Okay, I‚ „m ready to be transformed into Jennifer Lawrence. Where‚ „s my Oscar? Oh yeah. This look is super early in her career, before ‚ “Winter‚ „s Bone.‚  She looks very natural and dewy, like she‚ „s not wearing a lot of makeup. She doesn‚ „t have those long, luscious, fake eyelashes yet. This look is very simple, but it‚ „s still classy. Her hair is very long and blonde.

Oh, yass queen. Oh my gosh. I miss having long hair. I‚ „m famous. I love Jennifer‚ „s awkward smile here. It low-key kind of looks like she just farted, but secretly liked the smell of it. I feel like we totally killed this look. So this is Jennifer Lawrence after she won the Golden Globe for ‚ “American Hustle.‚  Definitely more mature than the last one. I remember it was hot gossip, like it was a movement when she cut her hair. It‚ „s a shimmery, smokey eye with fakies. She has these long, dangly, green earrings. Okay. Oh, weird! I look like a hot sixty-year-old, but for sure sixty.

I look very mature. So this is from the premiere of ‚ “Mother.‚  She‚ „s rocking a pink eye and some hot pink lip gloss. She has these basically grown-up version of butterfly clips. Okay. Oh my gosh! Yeah, I‚ „m vibing. I feel very feminine and glamorous. From her beauty evolution, I like that she‚ „s gone through different phases. Not all the looks were the same. One was more simple, one was more glitzy-glam, and the other was more ethereal, delicate, soft. So it’s fun that she‚ „s played with all kinds of different looks. She embodies everything that I love about fashion. She‚ „s fun and fierceness and grace. Thank you so much for reading. To see more posts click right here, and to comment, right there.

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