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Hi, Jennifer Lopez. I enjoy reading your column. I am a 28-year-old single mom with a 1-year-old daughter—and I’m stressed. I have always had thick, naturally curly hair; but as the months have passed since she was born, my hair is thinning out. I am not sure if it’s the stress of being a new single mom or an after-effect of pregnancy. I took prenatal vitamins while I was pregnant, and a few friends said that I should start taking them again to help my hair grow faster. Is this true? Great question: hair thinning after having a baby is a very common issue.

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It’s defi- nitely a myth, however, about using prenatal vitamins for hair growth. It is more likely that your hair loss is a result of postpregnancy hormonal shifts rather than stress. During pregnancy, the majority of hair roots remain in the actively growing stage instead of transitioning to the normal resting hair stage, where the hair is supposed to shed. Therefore, during your pregnancy, the average of one hundred hairs a day that were supposed to shed did not, and your hair looked thicker and fuller.

Within a few months of your having your baby, the hair that was supposed to shed does just that as the hormone levels get back to normal. The prenatal vitamins are lower-dose basic multivitamins plus folic acid, none of which help hair growth. Therefore, prenatal vitamins will not work. Get started with BellaNutri hair supplement, a unique blend of marine proteins and collagen that stimulates your hair to grow faster, longer, stronger, thicker and, overall, healthier. Check out BellaNutri at or call (301) 809-2962 (outside the U.S., call toll-free: (866) 711-HAIR [4247]). As the dermatologist developer, I am happy to help with any questions.

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