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Beer, girls and more beer

Listening to this album is this reviewer’s first exposure to what appears to be termed ‘bro country/ a term coined by New York Magazine writer Jody Rosen a year or so ago. Rosen was referring to Florida Georgia Line’s song Cruise, which was on its way to becoming the longest-running number one country song of all time.Trouble was that many country music fans couldn’t see the country in the song and Rosen went on to call it music by and of the tatted, gym-toned, party-hearty young American white dude.”

Now whether Niemann is ‘bro country’ or not he certainly fits into the rules of the genre, which can be found by some deft Googling. He sings about drinking a lot and for the most part his music owes more to the pop charts than to the country ones.

OK, there’s the occasional fiddle and pedal steel here and there but the major thrust is big booming ‘punch the air’ sing-alongs with rapping appearing more often than fiddle. When he does turn in what might be termed a traditional country pop song as on I Can’t Give In Anymore it’s listenable but not particularly memorable and by the end the album is obliterated by the juggernaut of special effects and autotuned vocals. While Niemann name checks George Jones, Roger Miller and Kris Kristofferson in his lyrics it’s a fair bet that fans of this illustrious trio won’t be queuing up to buy this although it will probably sell by the bucket load in the States. Paul Kerr

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