Jessica Alba updo for long or short hair

Hey girls Abbey here with this Jessica Alba inspired updo. I think it’s a great formal updo for proms or weddings anything like that she is. So accessible you can do it with pretty much any hair link as long as you’re here about this long you can do it which is great, and you can even do a hole on here too. I mean obviously my hair is to my elbows. So definitely really accessible pretty much for any hair type. So I love this tutorial for that she is my entry into the beauty ticket calm red carpet look contest which is definitely a mouthful but yeah it’s a contest um look. And I hope you guys enjoy it. I hope it’s really helpful, and yeah without you further ado, I’ll going to go ahead, and roll it first let’s talk about texture this hairstyle really relies on a nice straight to wavy volumize hair texture.

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So if you have naturally straight to somewhat wavy hair. I recommend just making sure you kick a little bit of volume into it with your favorite volumizing products which for me are the big sexy hair shampoo, and my thermal creations volumizing mousse my Tresemme. I heard those really help to get volume into my very naturally limp hair. I also did that you ought to do a kind of a rough blowout on it, and if you don’t know what that is only good to do in the description box just to cut down on time if you have really thick wavy hair too thick curly hair. I recommend just drawing your hair normally, and then running a straightened through it on a low heat setting just enough to cut down on the frizz restore some manageability, and just loosen up that natural hair texture just a little bit you don’t want to make your hair stick straight. Because that’s really not going to enhance the style at all but just loosen it up a little bit just enough for your natural texture to peak through but not.

So much that it becomes too to shuttle. So now what, I’ll going to do is, I’ll going to curl these two sections, and as. I curled them, I’ll going to pin them up, and into the shape of the button that. I want it’s basically, I’ll demonstrate here your curling iron, I’ll going to use my hot tools one. And I work with what you have if you have something smaller or bigger totally fine, I’ll just going to take it up near the roots clamp it down, and then, I’ll going to pull away, and then twist, and that way, I’ll kind of feeding the hair through it, and as. I pull away, I’ll just pushing down on the clamp. So that it loosens up a little bit, and then twisting are demonstrating this really slowly once you get it down you can go much faster, I’ll going to winding around my fingers here like. So then, I’ll going to pin it where. I want all right. So now, I’ll just going to show you guys how. I do that with all of it to create a shape, and of course we’re not messing with the bottom stuff that we pinned off yet we’re just doing this stuff first.

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