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Julia Roberts says; ‘I suffer from oily skin (overactive sebum glands and enlarged pores around my T-zone), so I was very worried about looking like an oil slick in my wedding pictures.’ THE SOLUTION ‘I went to see Dr David Jack (drdavidjack.com) for TheraClear treatment (£125).

This is the most advanced acne and blackhead treatment around; it’s best described as a machine version of Bioré strips. In just 15 minutes, Dr Jack moved a vacuum with IPL (intense pulsed light) over my T-zone; the suction removes sebum and the light takes down redness, tightens pores and is filtered deep into skin, causing bacteria to explode. Dr Jack was absolutely wonderful, instantly putting me at ease, and I barely felt a thing – I would say that something like microdermabrasion is far more uncomfortable.

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I looked slightly flushed for about 20 minutes after the treatment, and then everything calmed down.’ THE VERDICT ‘On my wedding day my make-up stayed shine-free for about six hours, rather than the usual 45 minutes, and I only had to touch up once. I really was thrilled with this result.’

Julia Roberts says; ‘I’ve always been aware of a pouch of fat under my jawline. It’s not quite a double chin, but it makes me self-conscious when I’m having my photograph taken, so I was intrigued to try a non-surgical route.’ THE SOLUTION ‘I went to see Julia Roberts at the Cosmetic Skin Clinic (cosmeticskinclinic.com) for CoolSculpting with the new CoolMini applicator (from £800), designed to treat small pockets of fat. This is an icy treatment that takes just 45 minutes on each side of the face.

A suction cup grips flab to freeze the fat cells down to -11°C until they shatter and are flushed out through the lymph system over a few weeks. To start with, it felt rather uncomfortable, but five minutes in, my jaw had gone numb so I felt nothing – I even started answering emails.

The worst bit was the post-treatment massage to revive circulation in the area. It was like an uncomfortable freeze-burn, but it only lasted 30 seconds. Afterwards, my jaw was slightly tender for a few days, but there were no bruises or signs of trauma.’ THE VERDICT ‘The results took a few weeks to see, but by the time my wedding rolled around, my jaw felt significantly tighter, the pouch was much improved and I felt more confident and relaxed. Two thumbs up.’

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