Junior prom dresses

So I try not to let anything strip me off of that and make me into something that I’m not. I’m just built this way I guess.’

And it’s that level headedness and relaxed approach to life that’s made him Bey’s go-to man, who’s shaping the red carpet one head-turning look at a time.

Wise, smart, funny and unapologetically you. Always pushing boundaries, everyone knows they can count on you to shake up a dull moment with your witty one-liners. You believe that life is short and you are here to live it!

You are brazen and self-assured, not afraid to take risks, while kicking some serious butt along the way.

You ask the guestions that no one else dares to, and you’re not at all interested in being anything but true to yourself.

Stylish and elegant, you are a natural leader. You hold a great world-view and are not afraid to stand up for what you believe in, even if it means putting up a fight.

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