with people who want to help. The site also provides a forum for charities and people to post their own projects and recruit more volunteers. Volunteer Match: This Web site connects organizations in need of volunteers with their communities. Looking for a good place to donate your time and energy? Search Volun-teerMatch.com for opportunities in your area. AmeriCorps.gov: This national organization helps guide individuals in a wide variety of community-service opportunities. Bonus: full-time AmeriCorps volunteers can qualify for grants and loan repayments that can help them pay for college!


You can shave off a lot of time doing this. Know where your big turns are and where you might be able to take advantage of this strategy. Mark tangents with a T. Also on your map, examine the water stops and food stations. Try to memorize these key mile markers so you are better prepared when it comes time to rehydrate and refuel. Write all over this combined map. Make it a worthwhile study guide. Now Conduct a ReconnaissanceOne of the most capable American commanders in World War II, General James Gavin, wrote, If you want a decision, go to the point of danger. Gavin, who led the storied 82nd Airborne Division from North Africa into the heart of Nazi Germany, prided himself on conducting a personal reconnaissance, which meant getting a firsthand look at the situation. Though it may seem like war, a hairstyles isn’t combat.

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