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Justin describing his career to CNN all, he keeps in mind that it is all about the fans. I'll never forget that none of this would have happened without you, ‚ he wrote in the there's no doubt: the sky's the limit. Introduction to his book, First Step 2 Forever. And that's no lip service.

Justin stays in constant contact with his fans via Twitter and other social media.

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He also puts the fans front and center in all of his performances. This is just the beginning, ‚ he wrote in his book.

With the incredible talent, drive, and strength of character that Justin has shown in his career thus far, Stratford, Ontario, Canada, is, by all counts, a beautiful place to grow up. A small community located in southwest Ontario, it is a quiet little burg situated smack dab in the middle of three major cities: Toronto, Ontario; Detroit, Michigan; and Buffalo, New York. But don't let all that urban influence fool you.

Stratford has a charm all its own.

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