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If anyone can shine a spotlight on Carmel’s mysterious death, it’s Dr. Michael Baden. The 81-year-old forensic pathologist and former chief medical examiner for New York City has investigated the country’s most high-profile murders, including those of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. He testified at O.J. Simpson’s murder trial in 1996 and conducted an independent autopsy on Michael Brown, the teenager killed by Ferguson, Mo., police in 2014 guests. Investigators will want to know where she got the drugs: Did someone from the honeymoon party fly them in on a private j et and if so, how did they get them past customs officials? Did other members of the group give Carmel cocaine or take it with her? If so, others could be implicated in her death, as the drugs likely contributed to her drowning.

While Jen, 46, and Justin, 44, weren’t on the island when Carmel died they left Bora-Bora on Aug. 17, more than two days before her fateful swim they may have cultivated a party atmosphere at the resort. As Justin put it, when explaining why he and Jen asked pals to join them: âœWe could just do a normal honeymoon, or we could go with some friends, keep the party going, relax and have fun.â

Both stars have histories of drug use too. Jen has admitted to smoking marijuana and even dated a reported âœcocaine fiend❠(British model Paul Sculfor, who went to rehab for his habit in 2004) in 2007. Justin reportedly has a darker drug past: Sources say that he battled cocaine and heroin addictions some 15 years ago, though he has since cleaned up his act.

During the course of the Musgroves’ investigation, Dr. Baden and his team might interview those present at the resort, from hotel employees to other guests a prospect that makes Jen and Justin uncomfortable. âœWe had the… luxury of having a beautiful, private moment,❠Jen told a reporter who asked about her top-secret wedding and honeymoon recently. âœAnd I’m going to be selfish and keep it that way.â

âœOf course she wants to keep their honeymoon memories private, but she understands that details may have to come out, to help determine what happened to Carmel. Jen won’t try to Tobey’s wife, Jennifer Meyer, designed the couple’s and later Instagrammed the Bora-Bora beach.

Jen’s most outspoken gal pal, comedienne Chelsea, is always up for a tropical fight that,❠the source says. âœBut she is worried that the investigation might reveal other secrets from her private life. She’s putting on a brave face, but Justin knows she’s stressed. He’s doing all he can to take her mind off it.â

Even more devastating to Jen than the threat of her private life being exposed, of course, is the tragedy that befell Carmel. âœJennifer just feels so bad for Carmel’s family,❠the source says. âœBut she knows there’s nothing she can do to ease their pain.â

Jen even knew Carmel personally and considered her a âœsweetheart,❠according to friends. âœShe would talk to Carmel about producing and where she wanted to take her career,❠the source adds. âœShe had offered to help her in any way she could. Now she’ll never get the opportunity.❠Three months after Carmel’s untimely death, Jen still seems to be reeling from it. Friends are concerned that the Cake actress may, in fact, believe that the young woman’s passing bodes poorly for her marriage to Justin. âœIt certainly isn’t the way anyone wants to begin married life.

She hopes it’s not a bad omen,❠the spy says. âœTheir honeymoon should be filled with happy, romantic memories, but now there’s a dark cloud hanging over it.â

And as Dr. Baden and Carmel’s family try to determine whether her mysterious end was the result of an accident or if it was, in fact, murder, Jen can’t help but wonder if she could have done anything to save the aspiring producer. âœShe’s questioning everything now,❠the insider says. âœShe says that what happened to Carmel could have happened to any one of their guests.

âœThe sad reality,❠the source adds, âœis that Jen’s fairy-tale wedding, which she waited so long for, has been eclipsed by this gruesome nightmare.â

Who else was there?

While it’s unclear how joel Silver knows justin and Jen, many of the couple’s closest pals joined them in Bora-Bora. These stars made the honeymoon trip and may be questioned about carmel’s death.

Bateman Jason and his wife, Amanda Anka, are longtime friends of Jens.

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