Kaleidoscope of Lilies followed with a Twisted Edge Braid Hairstyle

Hi, I’m Kari from learn booty hairstyles. And today’s tutorial, I’ll be showing you the kaleidoscope of lilies followed by the specific brain Gracie come on down let’s get started kay first thing, I did as a rapper hair.

Kaleidoscope of Lilies followed with a Twisted Edge Braid Hairstyle Photo Gallery

And I use a little gel to control the flyaways then what, I did was, I put these two strands. And I split them into sections. And, I’m going to just place them aside for now okay um, I’m going to take equal parts on each side comb them together, I’m gonna tie them with an elastic band.

And my last twist, I’m going to take the Strand, I’m going to pull through not all the way but just just a little bit right to there, I’m going to split this in half try to do equal parts too as well pull tight, I’m going to take this down, I’m going to take this one strand you’re going to go over this loop. And go in. So where you’re going to do stick two fingers into this loop grab it.

And pull it right through like this then you’re going to take your two fingers again. And go right through this strand. And you want to take this strand that you put this put it through that loop you want to bring it into this strand here pull it through like this then what you want to do is take your other two fingers through the loop again take the Strand grab it with your fingers.

And then pull it through this loop just. So just like that you’re going to do the same thing with this strand on this loop. So what you’re going to do is take the two fingers pull it put it into this loop grab the Strand.

And you want to pull it through this loop try to make sure that this strand that you just pulled the loop pull the Strand through this loop comb it. So it’s nice. And neat.

And smooth take your two fingers take it through this strand that you tied it off with behind it. And grab the Strand that you put through the loop. And pull through just like this then you’ll take two fingers through this loop.

And then grab this strand. And pull it through. And you can adjust the strands just be very careful because this is still holding on to that elastic band this tail here.

So you want to be very careful that you’re not going to pull it through just comb it down smooth it then you’re going to take this these two strands again you want to just put it to the side want to just put put it to the sides an hour put it up take side strands again. And equal parts comb them through besides together yeah busy thank you in the last twist when just don’t order in try to make your loops as even as you can. So if you don’t have it even try to make it even that way will look odd.

And off take your strand through this loop behind this strong rabbit this this week same thing take it out pull this through to loosen it up adjust it remember to be very careful with the strand here because it’s not holding as tight as the rest of it. And then you just continue down to the nape area once you’re at the end down here it really doesn’t look good when you try to get it all the way down. I’m going to stop right here.

I’m going to tie it off right here with classic. And just adjust your flower by pulling this through. And then down here at the end you could dress it up any way you like it make it fancy you can leave it like this.

I kind of just did a regular bench read that care for my princess did a while back. And that’s what, I’m gonna do. And there you have the kaleidoscope of lilies thank you.

So much for reading this tutorial if you enjoyed it please give a thumbs up. And comment to the link below we’ll see you next week have a good day bye.

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