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LET OUT THE GIRLY GIRL Kate has always competed with the guys in her life. “I was the sister who wanted to keep up,” she says. “I was that bungeejumping, rock-climbing kind of girl. My brothers and I would ski the double black diamond. Now that I look back, I can’t believe I did it.” Since having her sons, Ryder, 11, and Bingham, 3, Kate has found real satisfaction in being more tame, and, yes, feeling more feminine.

“I felt a shift and really don’t have the desire to thrill-seek anymore,” she explains. “The other day my brother was making fun of me and called me a Gucci skier. He said, ‘You’re wearing all the right clothes and look good skiing, but when you get down the hill, you’re done.’ And I thought, ‘You know what? It was fun while it lasted, but I don’t have to prove myself to you anymore. I’m happy doing what I want to do now.’ ”

RECLAIM REAL FOOD Diet? “I hate the idea,” says Kate. “It puts so much pressure on people to lose weight quickly. Getting healthy is not a two-week process, it’s a change of lifestyle.” And while she could easily have a cook whip up dinner for her, or order in from the best restaurants, Kate insists on making most of her family’s meals. “Food is wonderful and amazing and yummy,” she says.

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“Taking the time to cook your own food and enjoying the process of feeding yourself can change your life.” OWN SOME CHICKENS “I have five chickens at my house!” says the amateur farmer. “I gather eggs all day long. My typical breakfast: I start with two 4 ½-minute eggs, gluten-free toast, half an avocado, and if I’m really hungry, tomatoes with cottage cheese.

ALSO, NEVER PASS UP WINE Though there’s a trick Kate learned to being able to sip without it all going to her hips. “I was at my favorite French restaurant in Paris, and I was eating everything I love,” she recalls. “Steak, fries, lots of wine. Then the dessert came, and I was having strawberries and cream pastries plus the wine.” In the middle of her decadent indulgence, a svelte, sophisticated woman approached her table. “I didn’t even know who she was, but she said, ‘No, darling.’ Then she pointed to my glass of wine. ‘This is your piece of cake. That’s how you should be thinking.’ And I always try to remember that: Everything in moderation!”

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