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Importance of hair and make-up in fashion Kate Hudson

I feel an exquisite ensemble will only be justified with perfection in hair and make-up. Being a designer, blending the three aspects are important to translate my theme and inspiration.

Views on Indian fashion and beauty industries The fashion industry, today, has become really versatile, every day the trends are changing and people are ready to adapt to the evolving trends. In beauty and hair, the entry of international brands and awareness created by social media, has helped in educating people about their beauty staples.

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Working with hair and make-up artists I have worked with several artists, and celebrity hair and make-up artist, Mehak Oberoi is a favourite! Kate Hudson

Fashion inspiration I adore world-class fashion designer, Coco Chanel for her timeless appeal. I love the way Chanel translates classic into edgy.

Favourite muse

I love Hollywood actress, Sienna Miller. She is another, trend-setter, who is full of life. I personally admire her effortless style.

Looks adapted in make-up and hair Hairstyles and make-up looks play an important role when it comes to ramp or a photoshoot, depending on the inspiration I want to showcase at that point of time. I love the nude look with smokey eyes and flat hair with dramatic eye lashes.

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