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If you haven’t already, don’t forget to comment below so you don’t miss any posts. I’m definitely very excited about this shoot because I’m being transformed into a legitimate princess. Being told that I look like her is amazing, it’s such a compliment. It’s very aspirational to be like her. So I’m excited to be turned into her and see how this look goes.

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Obviously being in the royal family, you know, there’s this stigma that you have to carry yourself a certain way. But I think she’s just naturally very poised and elegant and respectable. Actually, as we’re posting this she is pregnant with her third child. So congratulations, Kate! Alright guys, make me into a princess. This first look is right before Kate got engaged to William. There was definitely a lot of controversy around this look because it’s very un-royal of her or anyone to be wearing, I guess. I think it just reminds everybody that she was a human being. And I don’t think she’s doing anything wrong, you know, she’s on a runway. Her makeup is definitely very rosy. You can see she’s got pink cheeks, pink lips, and a smoky eye. I really cannot wait to see what I look like, like this. Oh my god. These are definitely bringing me back to my beaded moments in the ’90s. I love it. I think we pulled it off. This look is obviously extremely memorable.

Her dress is amazing. And fun fact, Kate actually took makeup lessons before her special day and did her own makeup. So that’s pretty admirable. And she looks amazing. So way to go, Kate. Her hair is amazing here. She has some light body curls that are just falling over her shoulders in a really lovely way. I think it frames her face perfectly too. I’m a little nervous to see what I look like. I’m not gonna lie. Whoa, oh my gosh, I legit look like her. Kay, where’s my prince? I’m waiting. I don’t know. I’m speechless. I feel very royal. I love this look.

I think Kate looks so happy with her family. And it’s definitely very royal. The hat, her hair’s pinned back in the bun, and when you think of the royal family I think this is the exact picture and outfit that would come to my mind. Her hair is very clean in the front, but the back is a very elaborate and intricate up do. It’s like a business in the front, party in the back. I think Kate keeps somewhat of the same classy makeup look. But I love that here she accentuates her eyes with a smoky eye and then keeps the same rosy cheeks and lips. Matches her outfit. Okay. Oh my goodness. Wow. I feel very prim and proper. Like I was in a fairy tale. Overall, this has been amazing. I didn’t think I looked like Kate Middleton until I saw myself like this. It was super glamorous and I felt like actual royalty.

Today’s definitely made me want to step outside of my box more and do cooler things with my hair and my makeup. Thank you guys so much for reading. For more posts, click on comment button. And to comment, click on comment button.

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