Kate Middleton Channels Meghan Markle’s Style In Off-The Shoulder Boulcé-Tweed Erdem Dress

Kate Middleton Channels Meghan Markle’s Style In Off-The Shoulder Boulcé-Tweed Erdem DressKate Middleton in Erdem

I’ve decided it’s time bring back the pigtails. So, I’ve been seeing waves going around that was like, this amount of money versus this amount of money. And it had me thinking, like has anyone tried to find a really nice dress and looked on some like random, sketchy website to find it because it’s so much cheaper? And they used the exact same picture as the nice dress’ website.

So you’re under this impression that, oh my gosh, I’m getting such a deal! Well so a month ago, I was looking around those sketchy websites to find those beautiful looking dresses with those super professional looking pictures. And I ordered them. And I back-image searched on Google Images, and found the real dresses that were significantly more expensive. I still have all the receipts.

So four weeks later, the dresses all came yesterday. Because those sketchy websites are usually really far away in the world, so the shipping takes a really long time. So I finally have them. And let’s see if we can get this post to 500,000 likes. Do you think we can do it? Right now, go press the thumbs up button, and let’s see if we can get it to 500,000 likes, and if we do, we’ll have a giant cyber pizza party.

Where we will just be exchanging the pizza emoji over and over again until we all have just like a slice of pizza. 500,000-person pizza. Also, comment down below which of the dresses is your favorite. We’re going to start off with the first ones. I’ve got everything in this box. So first, we’re going to try on this red one, which is probably my favorite, just design-wise, it’s more like my style.

And this was $438. Prom dresses are a lot. OK, I’m trying it on. It fits pretty well. It’s a little small in the top area, but let’s be real, that’s everything with me. Blessing and a curse, people. Blessing and a curse. Let me just tell you, this thing was like impossible to put on by myself.

Mainly because of this neck piece, you have to like button it in a weird way and it just my arms just couldn’t reach that way. I like this one. This one was $15. Which honestly, pretty good dress for $15. But this is also before I try it on, I don’t know how it actually looks. It has like the weird-looking mesh that I would buy at Michael’s and make into a tutu. And all the flowers are kind of sticking up.


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ErdemIman off-the-shoulder embellished bouclé-tweed midi dress£1,395

BUY NOW Erdem Iman off-the-shoulder embellished bouclé-tweed midi dress, £1,395

Erdem Floral Hoop Drop Earring

BUY NOW Erdem Floral Hoop Drop Earring, £290


BUY NOW Romy 60 Bordeaux Velvet Pointy Toe Pumps, £650

Erdem has long been a favourite British designer for the royals, with Middleton choosing to wear the brand on several overseas tours last year, as well as Princess Eugenie, who wore a a floral dress with a pleated skirt by the fashion house in her engagement photos.

Tweed Dresses For Winter



Danna Tweed Mix Dress, Red/Multi, £350



Frayed tweed midi dress, £1,218.47




Tweed dress with button detail, £29.99



Acne Studios

Patchwork checked wool-tweed and crepe dress, £700




Grosgrain-trimmed cotton-blend tweed mini dress, £1,980



Lela Rose

Sequin-embellished tweed dress, £2,580




Frayed tweed mini dress, £1,750




Frayed tweed midi dress, £1,795


However, it appears Kate’s latest Erdem look took inspiration specifically from the Queen.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Opens The V&A Photography Centre


Queen 1958


Erdem ss18




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