Kate Moss’ Daughter Lila Grace Is The New Face Of Marc Jacobs Beauty Campaign

Kate Moss’ Daughter Lila Grace Is The New Face Of Marc Jacobs Beauty Campaign

The 16-year-old is the new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty and signed to her mother’s talent agency.

Marc Jacobs and Lila Moss

Hi guys it’s Kate Moss and I’m going to show you a tutorial on how to make brush cleaner because most people don’t know. But it’s really important to clean your brushes, because when people get germs, on them good. Okay so for this tutorial you’re going to, need baby shampoo rubbing alcohol, I just put it on a tiny desi cuff because it’s easier um and leave-in conditioner and you’re going to need just a plain spray bottle. And you know just for fun a little funnel okay, so first you’re, going to unscrew the top and then put that down and then just put a little funnel inside your tub now.

I’m going to take your baby shampoo ,I’m using the Johnso,n’s bedtime – whatever I just want to take a little not too much. Because this is a small container a little bit of, that and just put it, in there and let it really get in now just wait till that like goes all the way in the bottle. And then I’ll come back okay now yo,u’re going to use, your leaving condition there this is by mom. I’m not really sure I got it I, found it in my mo,m’s closet but you won’t take a leave into to open and you’re going to open the top cover and you’re going to just pour it in in here. Next you’re just going to take your rubbing, alcohol and you just go, to pour it in the funnel let that get in your body is kind of a lot more alcohol.

Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss

Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs

Kaia Gerber for Marc Jacobs Beauty

Kate Moss opened up about her regrets of posing topless aged just 15

Lila Grace Moss and Kate Moss

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