Katniss Braid Hunger Games Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA, and today we’re going to film the awesome Hunger Games braid worn by Katniss. Now everyone’s been emailing me. The movie’s not even out get for a couple of months, but everyone wants to know what this is already. So I’ve done a bunch of research, looked at all the trailers that are currently out, and all the pictures, and this is what it is. It’s basically a Dutch braid, but it’s going to start on this corner of your head and go to this corner so if you imagine like a diagonal line. So we’re going to start.

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And just so you know, I’m wearing a few of my extensions today, just to give my hair some length so that I can get a nice braid over the shoulder. But you can in fact do this hair with shorter. You just have to finish it a little different. So I’m going to start by picking up a section of hair, just above my ear. I’m going to leave my bangs out, because in the movie she has bangs. And I’m going to begin an outie French braid. Dutch braid, outie French braid, whatever you want to call it. Reverse French braid, and we’re just going to start adding in hair like you would on a very regular French braid. And remember, we’re going to imagine working in a diagonal line. And braid it all the way around. Just pick up hair as you go. Now we’re adding hair in, on both sides. This is a very traditional French braid. And I have, I do have a better tutorial on how to do a reverse French braid, if you’re not familiar with this hairstyle. You can check that post out, and I will link it from this post. So we’re just going to continue taking up hair. Make sure we get it smoothed down. Now remember, in the movie she’s playing in the Arena for her life, so the hair isn’t supposed to be too perfect. It’s supposed to look a little messy, like she’s been running around, and jumping over trees, and things like that.

When you get to this side, I’m first going to take it and add in the last chunk. Then I’m going to switch my handholds, just so that I’m on the right side of my head, which makes it easier to braid. Now you can see hair, where my hair ends, my real hair. You see this little pop-outs. So if I were doing this on my real hair, my braid would end there, which would be kind of short, which is why I’ve added a few extensions. But you could in fact do that, and leave it short. And I actually probably will later post a post on how to do this same hairstyle on medium length hair, and you just finish it different. OK, and then you’re done, secure it with a rubber band. And I’m going to go and just tug and pull, so that it looks loose and kind of a little more. Now I’m just going to go and pull, too, here and here, so that It looks like she’s been running around. And there you go. And then she just kind of leaves her bangs messy. On one picture I saw, they were a little softer, and on another post I saw they looked like they had wet them down, and kind of scrunched them. So either way you’d finish your bangs off is totally fine. But this is the braid. It’s just a wraparound, outie French braid by Katniss. So tell me in a comment below which one you like better, if you’re in team Peeta, or Team Gale. I haven’t quite decided yet. I think I’ll wait and see the movie first, before I make a final decision. But I hope you love the Katniss braid, and I will see you guys later.

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