Katy Perry Beauty Evolution

Don’t forget to hit that comment button if you haven’t already so you don’t miss any of our other posts. My first memory of Katy Perry has to be around 2008. Her big single “I Kissed a Girl” came out and I remember thinking, “Ooh.” You know, What’s that all about? And I watched the music post and I just fell in love with her immediately. From there I was just hooked. Katy Perry is just always changing up her style. And she has crazy, colorful hair. She embraced the cotton candy lifestyle so who doesn’t want that? She’s just the epitome of style evolution. I am so excited to do this makeover today. Katy Perry has such different, iconic looks. I just can’t wait to try them all on! So this look is very early, classic Katy Perry her “I Kissed a Girl” days. She’s got those long, raven locks, a very pin-up girl look, very girl next door yet punk rock.

Katy Perry Beauty Evolution Photo Gallery

And of course she has to add those bright rainbow eyes because we can’t think of Katy Perry and not assume there’s lots of color involved. Oh my gosh! If you ever get the chance to put glitter on your eyelashes, do it! This look is Katy Perry at the height of her power and she’s so confident in herself and her look and she’s going for it with these beautiful, wavy purple locks. My childhood dream of having purple hair is coming true today! She’s really owning her style here. She can really mix the classic with the new and I think that’s why people love her so much. This cat eye is super classic and is a great throwback to Katy’s earlier days. I’m so ready to see this look. Oh my god! I kinda thought it was her for a second! Everything it’s just so glamorous and then the purple hair makes it so fun. It’s just a great contrast. I love it! I think I might dye my hair purple now. This look is sophisticated Katy. She’s really evolved into this elegant woman here. She’s got this beautiful, long, sleek, blonde bob. A total change again of course, it’s Katy. And she has these beautiful brown smokey eyes. They’re so beautiful they bring out her skin tone, her warmth. She’s just really rocking the classic look.

Ah! Oh my god! It looks so good! I feel like I’m looking at a different version of myself right now. I don’t actually think it’s me. I see why Katy changes her hair so much. This has been so much fun. I felt like a totally different character each time my hair was changed. And I just feel I don’t know.. so alive! I love it! Ugh. So much fun. Thank you guys so much for reading! For more posts click up here, and to comment click on comment button.

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