Kebabs With Corn Recipe

Kebabs With Corn Recipe

Cooking Time: 8-10 minutes You will need for 4 servings:

4 small tomatoes 2 oz. butter

8 small mushrooms 1 can sweet corn

4 rashers streaky niblets bacon 1 oz. butter

4 chipolata sausages

8 small pieces cooked meat

1 Cut the tomatoes in half, peel the mushrooms if necessary. Remove the rind from the bacon, cut each rasher in half and roll up making 8 bacon rolls. Prick the sausages, twist the centre of each and cut through making 8 small sausages.

2 Thread tomato, mushrooms, bacon rolls, sausages and pieces of meat alternately on to

4 8-inch skewers. Brush well with melted butter.

3 Cook under a hot grill turning the skewers at intervals so that all the ingredients are cooked evenly, brushing again with butter during cooking.

4 Meanwhile, heat the com in a small pan, drain, add the 1 oz. butter. Toss the corn and turn into a hot dish.

5 Place the skewers on the com and serve.

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