Keith Magnuson was one of the toughest, fiercest competitors ever to play hockey. He stood up for his teammates, blocked shots with his jaw, and played defence like a rock. He played only 589 career games all with Chicago but he fought tooth and nail for and during every minute he was on ice.

Magnuson had two superstitions in particular to which he had to adhere. First, he had to be the second player on the ice, after his goalie. It was his way of getting into the game as quickly as possible.


Second, he and Cliff Koroll always drove to the games together and always took the same route. But that wasnt enough. They also wanted to get every green light along Ogden Avenue. Wed be creeping along, trying to hit it when it would turn green, Magnuson once confessed. Wed have cars honking at us, but we thought that if we could get through all those lights that wed definitely win that night.

They werent always right, but they were right often enough to make it to the Stanley Cup finals twice, in 1971 and 1973, only to lose to Montreal on both occasions.

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