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Kenzie Randall-Beale spent years feeling self-conscious as a girl but now he’s had surgery to become a man he feels super sexy

Posing in festive red boxers and showing off his muscular chest, you’d never guess Kenzie Randall-Beale was born a girl called Esme – and had been so unhappy with his gender he’d tried to take his own life.

Kenzie, 20, was diagnosed with gender dysphoria aged 17 and went on to have hormone treatment and a mastectomy. And, in October this year, he completed his transformation with gender reassignment surgery to create a penis.


Kenzie, from Bude, Cornwall, says: âœI’m so pleased I’ve finally got a willy – it’s the best Christmas present ever! I was always unhappy as a girl – I started cutting myself to cope.

âœAt 18, I started hormone treatment, followed by a mastectomy. But the day I found out I was getting a penis,

I knew I’d finally be happy. My transformation has been tough on my family. But they’ve been amazing – we’re closer than ever.❠Single Kenzie – who lives with mum Sarah, 43, dad Chris, 66, and siblings Ellory, 18, Angel, seven, and Autumn, five, and has another brother, Chris, 23 – first felt unhappy aged six.

He explains: âœI got a Barbie for Christmas and hated it. Girls’ things made me feel uncomfortable. By the age of 10, I knew I wanted to be a boy.

I cried when I told Mum, but she promised to stand by me. Amazingly, Dad said he’d always known. Even my brothers were understanding.â

But Esme’s GP told the family she couldn’t be helped until she turned 16.

Kenzie says: âœWe were told the legal age for referrals to a gender clinic was 16, but I’ve since discovered you can be a lot younger. When my periods started at 11, I was so unhappy I started cutting my arms and legs with razor blades.

Mum begged me to stop, but I wanted to punish myself for being born in the wrong body.❠Esme began living as a boy full-time aged 15 and asked everyone to call him Kenzie -because McKenzie clothing was his favourite brand. He recalls:

âœI started strapping my C-cup chest down with bandages and had my hair cut.â

But Kenzie’s transformation wasn’t accepted by everyone.

Kenzie – who always fancied girls – says: âœSchool friends bullied me and I was called a â˜lesbian.’ And I was beaten up by a local gang for being different.❠Aged 16, Kenzie was referred to a gender clinic for children and, 18 months later, was diagnosed with gender dysphoria [a condition where a person feels distress because of their biological sex]. Kenzie explains: âœAt 18, I had testosterone injections to develop Kenzie as Esme a9ed 11 years old my body hair and make my Adam’s apple grow. It stopped my periods too. But it wasn’t enough. While I was on the NHS waiting list for a mastectomy and gender reassignment surgery, I tried to kill myself because the wait for treatment was agonising. âœIn February 2014, I took 36 painkillers with a bottle of vodka. Mum found me and called an ambulance.

I was violently sick at hospital and stayed in overnight. Thankfully, I was OK, but it was very upsetting for Mum.â

In April 2014, Kenzie had a mastectomy – then was told he’d be having gender reassignment surgery this year. He says: âœHaving my breasts removed was a huge relief. But when I found out I He’s now living 1 1 as a man and has never been , happier was getting a penis, I was really emotional. It was the final step to becoming a man. I’d been seeing a girl for a year and she was pleased for me.❠FINALLY HAPPY

In October this year, Kenzie had the surgery at a London hospital. He says: âœI had skin grafts from my arm to create a penis. It took eight hours and, when I came round, I was in lots of pain, I was wearing a bandage for eight weeks and it’s still healing now, but it’s worth it – my willy looks so good! It took a while to get used to, but I feel so happy. I’ve

Kenzie says having male genitals has given him confidence got a silicone ball in my groin to create a testicle and I’ll have a second one soon, followed by a pump fitted in my penis to help me get an erection so I can have sex” Hairdresser Kenzie adds:

âœI recently split up with my girlfriend, but now I’ve got male genitals I feel more confident.❠Kenzie, who’ll have his womb removed next year, adds: âœI’d like kids one day and my brother, Ellory, has offered to be a sperm donor, which would be amazing.

âœI spent so many years feeling unhappy with my body, now I can finally start enjoying life. My willy is definitely the best Christmas present ever!â

I dressed Esme in pink dresses and adored having a daughter. âœBut at 18 months she started having tantrums and only wanted to play with boys’ toys.

I thought it was a phase, but gradually realised there was more to it.

âœAged 10, she came to me, trembling with fear, and said she wanted to be a boy. I held her and told her I already knew. Watching Kenzie struggle

through his teen years was heartbreaking – I constantly wished I could have waved a magic wand to give him what he wanted.

âœAnd although I was happy when he had gender reassignment surgery, saying goodbye to Esme for good was so tough. But I know it’s for the best. I’ve since gone on to have two daughters, which has helped with losing Esme.

âœKenzie is now my gorgeous son and I’m so proud – I couldn’t be happier for him.â

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