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Use or the eyes If you want to know something about someone, just look straight into their eyes. They reveal an amazing amount about their current frame of mind. You can easily spot the depressed, dull and lifeless by their deadpan, almost one-dimensional eyes; the totally alert looking for a lively reply; the sad; the plaintive; the cheeky; and the happy. The technique reminds you how to stay lively and alert, and in touch with the rest of the world. STAYING ALERT

If you observe people when they are either standing or walking, Kids haircuts for girls with curly hair they often seem to be completely locked in a private world of their own, totally unaware of their own surroundings.They have stopped communicating with that is out there. When the gaze is fixed, the breathing also tends to suffer It becomes rather restricted and there is less freedom in the body. The gaze should therefore be directed towards the outside world, taking in information so that you are not exclusively concentrating on what is happening within.

One of the strongest habits that a teacher perceives is the tendency of certain pupils to look down, not with their eyes, but by a general collapsing motion from the neck.This is the result of a fundamental misunderstanding of the alignment of the head, the neck and the back, and the position of the joints in the body.

Note how the models in this sequence of photographs (below) are using their eyes. Which do you think is the correct position? Can there be any doubt?.

It’s no good shutting your eyes if you’re crossing a busy road.‚

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