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Live Simply, Focus Intently, and Persist

People who follow these three principles often make rapid progress in yoga. This is as opposed to those who complicate their lives, who cant concentrate on important tasks, and who lack the will to see things through. People spend so much time making their lives complicated. To achieve true greatness, you must lead a simple life. By simple I dont mean rejecting all material things and living in the country or on a mountaintop. Simple means living your life according to your values and mission. As a result, you naturally prioritize whats important. You emphasize relationships over material things.

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Simplicity gives you the energy to focus on your key yoga assignments. Rather than dissipate your time and effort on a hundred different tasks, you can concentrate on priority goals in whatever spheres are of greatest concern to you. Focus is the ability to concentrate with laserlike intensity on your Achilles Plan goals.

Focus is a vital life skill. In terms of the yoga experience, without it, it would mean being unable to concentrate on your Achilles Plan goals. Without focus, you would be unable to learn new things. You need to live a simple life so that you are calm, which, in turn, allows for improved concentration.

Regarding persistence, Ive said it before and Ill say it again: yoga doesnt work instantly. You have to be stubbornly persistent, moving past setbacks and failures, to achieve your goals. In fact, your persistence will allow you to learn from setbacks and failures, and youll use these negative events as motivations. I teach that persistence is one of the most powerful tools in life and on the road to greatness. Never giving up is a great strategy for life success as well as for weathering a few mistakes and bad fortunes along the way.

Brooke started a natural-paper stationery store two years ago. After one year in business she almost closed her doors because she went into debt as business was slow. A friend suggested that she hire a coach who might help her give the business one last try. She began seeing the coach, who referred her to a marketing specialist, and together the three of them developed a strategy and action plan to increase revenues. The plan required a great deal of time and additional financial investment on Brookes part. Many people would have looked at that investment of time and money and said no, but Brooke trusted her coach and, more importantly, trusted her gut. She knew her business could be viable if she just got the formula right. Her conviction that she had the right business idea and the right plan allowed her to persist despite two years of being in the red. By the end of year three, Brooke was ecstatic that her revenues had doubled in one year. She had implemented the marketing strategy and was seeing results. Focus and persistence were paying off!

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