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Hey there, grandma! Oh wait, it’s just Lindsay Lohan… Awkward! This year, the incredibly harsh How Old website – which guesses a person’s age based on their photo – predicted LiLo was 53 instead of 29! #harsh

Kim Kardashian calls her and Kanye West’s daughter North their âœballer baby❠– and the two-year-old is certainly kicking goals when it comes to being the most adorbs kid in Tinseltown! Not only is she a fashion icon – hello, don’t you know prints are so out for toddlers?! -she’s already found a bestie in three-year-old cuz Penelope and can nail a beach shoot as skillfully as her mum.

In a year of absurd stunts, this one is hard to top! Fans looking to plump their pout used a shot glass as a suction cup in the hope of replicating Kvlie’s pucker but just ended up with bruises!

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