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Though I have no hard scientific data to back me up, Im convinced that most people will probably live longer and healthier lives by utilizing the SOLCOS. Yoga facilitates moving into optimal life balance over time. The body sphere goals assure that you will maintain a powerful wellness orientation, including such things as nutrition, exercise, body image, and care of health. More than that, yoga addresses all areas of life. Feeling healthy spiritually, having fun, and enjoying a meaningful career all contribute to our overall health. Whether you call it a holistic approach or multidimensional, yoga addresses the full range of issues people face and offers a plan to address these issues. People are frustrated if all they can do is talk about their lack of spirituality or their desire to have more fun. However, when you give them things they can do to achieve these goals, its far more satisfying and stress-reducing.

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Research suggests that everything from physical fitness to stress reduction to developing a spiritual connection helps people live longer. My belief, based purely on experience and observation, is that positive work in each of the spheres contributes to well- being. By and large, the people Ive worked with or who I know who have lived to a ripe old age are those with a greater sense of fun; who are contributing members of a community; who have a strong circle of friends; and who have a healthy family life.

My theory is that unaddressed problems in any sphere can potentially take years off your life. While this theory is most obviously true when it comes to the Body sphere, it pertains to every area of life. When you feel unfulfilled in any area, it creates tremendous stress. If you long to have a great, meaningful relationship but are unable to establish it, you can work out in the gym until the cows come home and still feel the stress of this relationship absence.

On the other hand, when youve addressed your issues and goals in each sphere, youve probably done a terrific job of managing all the stress in your life. This doesnt guarantee that youll live to be a hundred, but it certainly increases the odds that you wont be the victim of a stress-related disease.

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