The knitted side-slit tunic is a piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe come winter. The knitwear will keep you warm while the slits give a playful feel to covering up for the season ahead. Side-slitted knitwear comes in all shapes and styles. Pair a long-sleeved knit with a high-waisted midi-skirt. If youre willing to take more of a risk, pair a sleeveless side-slit tunic with a pair of culottes, allowing some skin to show and playing with a balance of volume.

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Parently, meditation and sex have a lot in common. Do I have your attention? Thought so.

Studies suggest that the brain acts similarly to meditation as it does to sex. Both dissolve our self-awareness and both light up the right hemisphere of the brain, which is nonverbal and creative. The more you meditate, the more you are connected to this portion of the brain.

This is the kind of science that certainly would interest a high schooler who was zoning out in biology class.

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