Knot Braid Hairstyle on a Ponytail

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Knot Braid Hairstyle on a Ponytail Photo Gallery

So today we’re going to show you how to do. And not bring it on a ponytail. So let’s get started you want to make sure that the hair is wet for this stuff you don’t have to do anything up here but, I already went ahead.

And gave her a little bit of a texture by doing a little French braid up here. So we’re gonna focus on the tail. So your first step is to go back here right in the middle right here in the middle back here you want to take a little small section of the hair smooth it out.

And then again you’re gonna do the same thing take another small section right here okay. So now you have a strand on each side you’re gonna take it together you don’t have to put any product in her hair but, I like to use some gel just to control the flyaways as well as to have better grip anything, I mentioned in this post, I’ll leave a link in the description box below you’re gonna smooth them out this is just like tying a regular shoelace. So you’re just gonna cross it over.

And pull it tight now you’re gonna hold it with your thumb you’re gonna take clips. And have it hold in place your strands right here you’re gonna do the same thing again you’re gonna take another section in the back bring it forward. And then do the same thing bring it forward.

So again, I’m gonna spy up this down a little bit, I’m gonna go. And smooth it out. And put a little bit of gel now you can put gel ahead of time on the whole entire ponytail but it kind of makes this ponytail a little too stiff.

I’m just gonna put it on the strands individually hey. And just cross over. And pull through.

And type again, I’m going to just have the clips hold in place. And then continue to do this going down. So your goal is to make knots all the way down.

And it kind of looks like a latter effect okay again take it from the back smooth it out cross over. And you’re just going to continue going down. I’m just gonna stop right here.

And, I’m gonna go ahead. And just secure them right here in elastic band. And then go back over.

And then just fix it you tighten it or loosen however, I like it just gonna go ahead. And put a little clip just to hide that elastic band you can go back over. And fix your knots a little hairspray.

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