Knotted Head Band Hairstyle

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And this is my daughter Gracie everyone welcome to learn routines hairstyles this blog is all about learning new. And different hairstyles if this is your first time here we would love for you to comment. And for those who have already commentd we love you.

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And we thank you today we’re going to show you something fun to do. And it’s called another head bit. So let’s get started okay.

I started by splitting this to the side. And about three inches back behind her here. And I clipped the back.

So that it will not interfere with this braid with this section here you’re going to start on the top. And you’re going to split a section off. And you’re going to split it in half okay make sure that there is equal sections okay.

And you’re going to just take these two. And create a knot. So you’re going to Chris o criss cross over.

And grab this tail here like this okay again you’re going to create another knot down put it in half crisscross. And grab that section grab this hair into enough this actually works with wet hair. I recommend you guys wet this section of the hair plus.

And grab. And knots okay. I’m going to split this the fourth one right here.

And before, I make it into a knot, I’m going to go ahead. And grab the very first one. And bring it under these two here.

And add it to this strand as well as the other first one back here. And add it to this track okay then, I’m going to go ahead. And not it okay again want to do the same thing split it in half grab the first section again right here the next one under again under point down a little bit Passover.

And knot it. And this is all repeat until you get down to to the top of Rio hey last one grab this it’s going to grab all them tighten it down. And secure it off in the lack of dead, I’m going to go back.

And just loosen these knife a little bit just. So that you can see it let’s define you can put in more once it’s dry it’s going to even be more announced. And you can take this here when, I let these girls take this strap it thank you see the bump in on the back here forward.

And there you have it thanks for reading we hope you give it a try. And let us know how it works out – check out our other tutorials click over there. And there don’t forget to give us a thumbs up.

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