What to know About Vaping When Abroad

For vapers who are making plans to travel, whether it is for a two week holiday where the water is blue, or a business trip to the company headquarters, or maybe even the getaway of a lifetime, theres a lot to consider.

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Law and policies differ from place to place. Which means, even though everyone and their brother owns an e-cigarette in the UK, you could get arrested for having one in the wrong city.

Finding your way round the various legalities that surround vaping and e-cigarettes in different countries; from the airport, to the cab stand, to bars and public parks and how easy it will be to fill up on the road are just a few of the considerations vapers have to make when planning a trip abroad.

It is no news that some countries are indifferent to vaping, and many more have outrightly banned it. You dont want to spend some part of your trip in a smelly jail cell in a strange country simply because of your vaping lifestyle.

With that in mind, Ive put together a few tips that would help you, if you plan to travel abroad, and intend to go along with your kit.

Check that is legal

Even though vaping is relative harmless and can in no way be compared to cigarettes, it is illegal in many countries because of its association with smoking. While in some countries, only the sale of e-cigarettes, vaping tools and e-juice is prohibited, and not the actual use, in other countries, everything about vaping, from the tools to the consumption is prohibited.

It is therefore important that you so a proper research about the vaping and e-cigarette laws in the cities you plan to visit. You need to know whether youre allowed to bring in your vaping equipment, whether you can buy vaping products while there, or if youre allowed to vape in public places.

While this may seem unusual, you need to understand that not every country has come to terms with the culture of vaping despite its documented lack of health hazards.

Park right

Because of the restrictions on liquids by airlines, youll need to check the regulations of the airline youre flying with to know what it says about traveling with your vaping tools and e-juice.

If the airline has no problem with your equipment, you next challenge would be how to travel with them. Should you store them in your hold luggage or keep them with you in your hand luggage?

Fortunately, the International Civil Aviation Organization has handled this in their revised technical instructions manual for 2016. It prohibits placing any form of vape device in checked-in luggage. This means that you have to store your kit in protective cases and place them in your hand luggage. Basically, you carry your vape kit the same way you carry your laptops and phones when flying “ with you in the cabin.

Carry enough juice

Depending on how long you plan to stay away, it could be a good idea to go along with enough e-juice, essential oils or whatever it is you vape with. While you may be visiting a city with favorable vaping laws, chances are that you may not have the time, or will not know where to look for your vaping ingredients; and even if you do, it may not be that good. So a rule of thumb is to pack with that in mind. Carry a bit of extra juice, in case you have to share with friends. After all, nothing is as boring as vaping alone.

Pack the right device

While all vaporizers have their advantages, not all of them should be used outside your home. Traveling abroad with wires, wick, pliers and tweezers just wont cut it. You need something that sets you apart from fellow vapers. The induction heating vaporizer by lotolabs is the ideal vaping tool for a foreign jaunt.

While vaporizers like these are a bit more expensive than regular e-cigs, when you consider the hassle youd save using them, and the many other benefits, you will realize they are worth their weight in gold.

Wait till you get off the plane

While this might sound pretty obvious, youll be surprised at the number of people who cant wait to light up immediately they get on the plane. Many commercial airlines dont allow smoking during flight and this pretty much applies to vaping.

If however, you are in one of those first class smoking cabins, then by all means, light up. But if you are with the general population, it is a good idea to keep your craving in check. You may be thinking of sneaking into the toilet for a couple of drags, but virtually all airlines have smoke detectors installed in their cabins and toilets. The smoke detectors can also detect vaping smoke, and setting one off can have legal consequences.

Pay attention to your surroundings

Even if youre in a country or city with favorable vaping laws, dont take it for granted, especially when you are in public. While the law says you can vape, there may be individuals around who dont take kindly to it and may want to cause trouble for you.
A good idea is to look for bars and lounges where you can vape in peace. If however, youre in a public place and see other people vaping, then obviously you can also. The general misinformation and scare stories have given vaping a bad name in some parts of the world. So even if you are in a bar that looks like a place where one can vape, theres no harm in getting confirmation to be certain.


The rules and regulations that control vaping and e-cigarettes vary from country to country, plus they change almost everyday. You need to be certain that you have the right information for the country youre visiting, and that the information is up to date. Always do a proper research before traveling so that you dont put yourself in a position where you have to pay a heavy fine, or spend a bit of time in some foreign jail cell.

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