Kristen Stewarts Braid in Snow White And The Huntsman

So, I’ll going to be doing some Snow White, and the Huntsman hair tutorials, and this one is one that Kristen Stewart wore. I saw it on the promo pictures. I still haven’t seen the movie which is very sad um. I don’t know why. I just have not. So the is, I’ll just doing the ones that. I can find pictures, I’ll online right now. So I have this one going on. I like that you could pull it like a little bit hippy a little bit um kind of bohemian gothic. I really like that it has that element to it but it’s also very romantic. So it can be right feminine as well. So you can dress it feminine or hippie depending on how you want. So I hope you guys like that. I hope you like this tutorial. I think it’s a nice easy hairstyle that a lot of you guys will be able to do. So thumbs up for that and, I’ll also it’s going to be great on curly hair. So hope you guys like this. And I will see you my next post what if. I start out by making a side part, and then you’re going to separate out some hair about an inch back from that hairline, and take it a little tiny bit farther on that side for about two inches, and that’s the hair that we’re going to braid with then go ahead, and separate all the hair from the new side part that we did all the way across the heads you’re kind of creating like a band of hair there is about two inches wide, and then you’re going to go ahead, and secure that out of the way. So we can go ahead, and secure all the pieces of the hair that we just separated.

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So secure that little band that we did secure the hair in the back, and secure the little bangs that are hanging out in the front then go ahead, and take a small piece from the very end of that part, and start to Dutch braid, and basically you’re just going to Dutch braid from here to right behind your ear, and you want to kind of curve it slightly. So that it really frames what we’re getting ready to do with a little bump um in a b it makes the hairstyle just flow a little better but if that sounds too technical for you can just braid straight down to your ear, and that makes it a little tiny bit easier once you’ve got all that hair French braided or, I’ll sorry Dutch braided all you’re going to do is just braid the rest normally, and seal it with a small band you’re going to go ahead, and loosen up that Dutch braid just tiny bit to give it a little bit more of a loose messy feel now if you like a little sleeker you can just leave it but to be more true to the original hairstyle. I want it to loosen it up then if you want to add some volume right behind that braid like Kristen Stewart had you can go ahead, and tease a couple times in a couple sections right behind that braid, and then pull all that hair back down, and smooth it then hold on to that hair. Because we’re going to start a braid with that go ahead, and spy it into three, and then we’re going to Dutch braid again you start off by braiding a couple times normally, and then incorporate hair from the side. So incorporate it here, and then going to corporate here in the other side, and then you’re going to go ahead, and incorporate that braid that we just did.

So take the braid put it in with the piece of hair braid it under, and then just keep on going with your normal Dutch braid, and you can see a couple times in there. I went back, and pulled the hair up for the bump you kind of want to do that. So you don’t end up accidentally pulling that volume out. So just make sure that you have all the volume, and you keep all the volume that you want while you’re braiding then go ahead, and braid the rest of the hair down normally, and secure it with a band now if you want you can leave this long piece in front mine is just way too long. So I went ahead, and pinned it back but in the movie she did have or in the promo pictures she did have hers hanging down. So you can decide what to do with that just depending on your hair, and then go ahead, and loosen up the braid that we just did to kind of give it a Messier feel as well, and not it’s going to be it the is going to look great on any kind of hair you don’t have to UM curled hair although her hair was curled in the picture of. So eye curls mines make it a little bit more true to the original style, and you can do this with short bangs as well. I think it will still look good. So that’s basically it you’ve got your nice little snow white in the huntsmen inspired hairstyle. I hope you guys like this. I hope you guys try it out send me pictures on Twitter or Facebook if you do Id like to see them. And I have some other pictures, I’ll sorry posts for you guys to check out if you want. I have some Bella Swan wedding hair, and your kiss you’re in a Kristen Stewart mood credit right, and Prejudice updo, and then some cute pigtail braids for the summer hope you guys check those out. And I hope you guys like this post. And I will see you in my next post bye.

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